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What is TRUgaming?

TRUgaming is your go-to provider for dedicated game servers and voice servers. We offer many games for server rental, and are open to new titles for hosting upon request. We also offer Teamspeak3 voice servers .

Our game servers are known for being the most affordable, customizeable, powerful servers on the market. 24/7 support, mod-friendliness, online community, and experienced staff are just a few of the reasons TRU game servers supersede the competition.

“TRUgaming is simply one of the best server hosting companies I’ve worked with. I get extremely fast support and my servers are almost never down."

-AdmiredPlague, Discord

TRUgaming also exists as a gaming community dedicated to connecting gamers on every platform. Our Discord is a fantastic place to learn how to be a more effective streamer. It also features community events like game nights and competitions!

We stream on our Twitch channel every week. Check out our SteamKey show If you're a new streamer that is looking to get started or just a gamer who is looking to get plugged into an authentic and welcoming community, you're in the right place. New members join our ranks every day to level up, earn rewards, and find great people to play with.

We also sponsor Twitch streamers! If you're looking for us to sponsor you, head over to our community area here for more information. Our Sponsored Streamers are the pride of our business, and we do whatever we can to help them succeed in their streaming careers.

We bring select streamers to conferences such as East Coast Game Conference and TwitchCon with us every year, which we call "TRUambassadors." If you want to attend conferences like this with us and reap the other great rewards of Sponsorship on Twitch, YouTube, or another platform, be sure to apply for sponsorship during our next window.

Furthermore, if you're a new streamer who is trying to figure out how to stream, look no further. TRUgaming is the single best place for learning how to improve your stream. Whether you have never touched OBS, or are an experienced or partnered broadcaster, we can help! The TRUfam is passionate about streaming done right on every platform.

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