Meet one of our first Sponsored Streamers, Buzzlin!

Buzzlin is a PC streamer whose favorite games to play include the Battlefield series, Rocket League, LoL, and other games such as Kerbal Space Program. He often co-streams with BlGpanda, another Sponsored Streamer of ours. His loyal community (The Hive) has been supporting him as he has been streaming on and off over the last couple of years.

This interview was conducted by TRU GreenChord


GreenChord: Hey Buzzlin, thanks for agreeing to do this! Your channel is always entertaining to watch, and we are excited to learn about how you got started/what kind of advice you might have.

Buzzlin: Glad to be apart of it! Can’t wait to see whats in store for the future

GreenChord: So, what made you want to start streaming? Also, what platforms do you focus on now as opposed to when you started?

Buzzlin: I honestly can’t remember why I started, it’s been a few years now. Probably a mix of I enjoy video games and I was told by many I’m a funny guy so I figured why not. I started by playing League mostly but I raged a lot and just started to dislike the game so I switched to Battlefield and other multiplayer games, as well as some Single-Player games like Zelda, Mario, and some old school DOS games. For the most part I am full on PC-Master Race.
GreenChord: What, if anything, do you feel has been key to your success on your streaming platform so far? This could be things like social media involvement, personality development on-stream, giveaways, communities, consistency, etc.

Buzzlin: The Community definitely, it’s great to just load up a game hop in the TRUchat and  find people to play with.  I also think a big key to success is just being like every other gamer out there.  I’m not a pro gamer and I’m not the best at most of the games I play which is relatable to the average gamer. So I feel like my job as a streamer is not just to entertain but also to help other gamers get better at the games they enjoy and we can learn together. And when we fail it’s hilarious and glorious.    
GreenChord: Have you had any difficult seasons/experiences in your stream history? How did you overcome them?

Buzzlin: Recently would be a difficult season.  I’ve had a lot of outside responsibilities so it’s been hard to find time to be consistent and I can see that my concurrent viewership has suffered from it.  The important thing is to just keep going and even if I can’t stream for as long as I would like to, just showing up is enough.    


GreenChord: What would be your biggest piece of advice for a newer streamer looking to find success, get sponsored, etc?

Buzzlin: Find a niche.  Be unique.  If you want to be a streamer you know just how many others are out there just like you.  Find a way to stand out and make yourself different from everyone else.  It’s the simple question of “what can I offer and do that no one else can?” Find it, then go and do it and be the best at it you can possibly be.  It’s not going to be easy, it will be hard, and there will be days you just want to uninstall OBS and say forget it.  You have to power through, you gotta have the “wanna”.


GreenChord: Is there anything else you would like to discuss about your stream/let readers know about?

Buzzlin: I guess the only thing would be that if anyone wants to play a game with teammates and play the objectives and learn how to “be a better noob” (stole that from a streamer I watch haha) hit me up.  Most of the games I play are multiplayer and I love playing with a squad and full team going all out.  Also if anyone has any questions about computers or coding stop by the stream or ask me a question on twitter and I’d be more then happy to troubleshoot or talk to you guys.


GreenChord: Thanks for taking the time to interview with us! I might hit you up about the “de-noob-ification” you talked about…. I can always use help in that area xD

Check out Buzzlin on Twitch and Twitter!

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