Meet our first Sponsored Streamer/network, det0x gaming!

det0x gaming is a channel that features many different streamers who each take turns broadcasting to the single channel. Caribou is the head of det0x, and has been streaming for a long time himself. He manages the scheduling, recruitment, and logistics for det0x, and speaks for the organization as a whole on various social media platforms. det0x gaming has recently grown its ranks to include a few beloved #TRUteam members, including shellybean3, AdmiredPlague, and Kimmi.

This interview was conducted by TRU GreenChord


GreenChord: Hey Caribou, thanks for agreeing to do this! det0x gaming has always been a close organization for us, and we are happy to get some insight into how things run with your unique channel setup.

[det0x] Caribou: Thanks Green! TRUgaming and the community has been near and dear to our hearts and we’re honored to be the first Sponsored Streamers you guys brought on.

GreenChord: So, what made you want to start streaming? Also, what platforms do you focus on now as opposed to when you started?

[det0x] Caribou: When I started streaming, I (Caribou) focused mainly on PC and Twitch. Now as a team we focus on both Twitch and Beam and both PC and console gaming!
GreenChord: What, if anything, do you feel has been key to your success on your streaming platform so far? This could be things like social media involvement, personality development on-stream, giveaways, communities, consistency, etc.

[det0x] Caribou: I’d have to say both consistency and social media. We stream multiple times a week and it is always advertised on social media, as well as Discord and Teamspeak. We’ve had a few giveaways that have helped get our name out there as well.
GreenChord: Have you had any difficult seasons/experiences in your stream history? How did you overcome them?

[det0x] Caribou: We’ve had a couple where it seemed like real life was taking over, and the streams weren’t as consistent. However, we always just come together as a group and get it figured out to get the content back out to our dedicated viewers!


GreenChord: What would be your biggest piece of advice for a newer streamer looking to find success, get sponsored, etc?

[det0x] Caribou: Consistency and interaction are key. No one wants to hang out with a streamer who ignores you the entire time and only streams once a week, or every other week.


GreenChord: Is there anything else you would like to discuss about your stream/let readers know about?

[det0x] Caribou: We’re always looking for new people to join the team! If you’re interested be sure to message Caribou in Discord. Also, be sure to join the det0x discord:


GreenChord: Thanks for taking the time to interview with us! I definitely reccomend that any interested readers consider joining det0x. It’s a great way to get exposure to a bigger shared audience on Twitch!

Check out det0x gaming on Twitch and Twitter!

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