Today’s Sponsored Streamer interview features Velokk_TV, one of our first “Sponsees”!

Velokk has quite the energetic and entertaining stream – he is so passionate about streaming that he even inspired his good friend DanTheDapper to pick up streaming, who is now also a Sponsored Streamer of ours! Velokk has a deep love for CS:GO in particular, but also plays Overwatch and RUST on PC from time to time, and is hoping to move into console game streaming very soon with For Honor.

This interview was conducted by TRU GreenChord


GreenChord: Hey Velokk, thanks for agreeing to do this! We’ve always enjoyed your streams, particularly the high-energy morning streams you do so often!

Velokk: No problem sir!

GreenChord: So, what made you want to start streaming? Also, what platforms do you focus on now as opposed to when you started?

Velokk: I always liked video games. My Dad introduced me to them at a very young age. If i wasn’t playing video games i was watching my Dad. He really loved games like Balder’s Gate, Half Life, and plenty more. I am still only streaming PC but an ElGato is in the very near future.
GreenChord: What, if anything, do you feel has been key to your success on your streaming platform so far? This could be things like social media involvement, personality development on-stream, giveaways, communities, consistency, etc.

Velokk: The Best thing to do is be consistent. If people don’t know when you will be on they will go somewhere else. Set a schedule and stick to the best you can, and tweet out if there are any changes.
GreenChord: Have you had any difficult seasons/experiences in your stream history? How did you overcome them?

Velokk: I have definitely had some difficult seasons and experiences. At one point i started dropping my consistency of streaming. I went from 6-7 days a week to 4-6. I noticed that my regular viewers were starting to show up less and less. And that really got to me. It wasn’t until 2-3 months ago that I started to pick up a consistent stream schedule again. I feel now that the I am starting to get the rhythm back and my stream feels as active and fun as it used to!


GreenChord: What would be your biggest piece of advice for a newer streamer looking to find success, get sponsored, etc?

Velokk: Be consistent, talk as much as you can because people are there to watch you. They can go to any stream to watch a specific game, ultimately you keep the viewer entertained. Not the game.


GreenChord: Is there anything else you would like to discuss about your stream/let readers know about?

Velokk: I really just want to let everyone know that i appreciate the support that they have show and given me. Streaming is so much fun for me and I love getting to meet all of these great people that without Twitch I would’ve never met. You are all the best!


GreenChord: Thanks for doing this interview with us Velokk. We’ll be looking forward to catching some more of those good-as-coffee morning streams from you!

Check out Velokk on Twitch and Twitter!

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