TRUgaming was founded in 2014 as a gaming community. As TRUgaming grew we found a need for dedicated voice and gaming servers. After using several different companies, we decided that we were tired of overpriced services, poor customer service, and poor service quality; It was time for a change.

Recognizing that need and taking into the account that most game service providers (GSP’s) charge a higher than necessary fee to host servers and historically have terrible customer service we wanted to create a GSP that would revolutionize the industry. Providing round the clock support with guaranteed responses times and lower rates for hosting because after all…. Gamers want to spend their money on games and upgrading those awesome rigs! Not throw it away on overpriced hosting.

So as of early 2016 we were proud to announce our very own online dedicated voice and gaming service. Customers will be able to easily select which game/voice service they want hosted, the amount of slots for each, and select from a variety of locations around the US that they want the server hosted. For a reasonable price to gamers we will setup, manage, and host the services. We want to bring dedicated game and voice hosting to EVERYBODY not just large clans or other gaming communities. We want our service to be affordable to anyone who wants to experience their own dedicated game server without the hassle of hosting it themselves.

After moving into our new offices on April 1st, 2016 we have begun to setup our “HQ” and build our network. Our anticipated launch date is August 2016.

We encourage everyone to like us on Facebook and Twitter (additional links on the CONTACT page) and stay tuned for more updates on our progress and even job opportunities!!

Benjamin Zucker
Founder / CEO
“By gamers, for Gamers.”