Ben Zucker

Owner / CEO

Gamername: SownEquation


Office: 919-629-6382

Mobile: 984-204-3220

Favorite Games: ARK, Arma III, Destiny, Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, Dayz

I’m the Creator and Founder of TRUgaming. I love anything and everything computer-related. I also have a deep love of blueberry Redbull because it gives me fairy wings. When I’m not hunting for dino-poop in ARK, I like to spend my days with family in NY, or at the beach cooking for my friends while wearing an assortments of hats. My chicken parm is legendary.

Jake Hayde

Chief Operations Officer

Gamername: TRU Operations


Mobile: 320-267-6723

Favorite Games: Overwatch, CS:GO, Arma III

I’m the CO-Founder of TRUgaming alongside my longtime friend Ben Zucker. I’ve been building computers ever since I was a kid! When I’m not, I’m spending time working on one of my many expensive gas powered toys, or searching for an adrenaline fix. Overwatch is currently my main thing. I served with the US Navy from 2009 to 2016, and I currently work in TX as a Detection Enforcement Officer for Homeland Security.

Katie Mundt

Office Manager

Gamername: TRUmama


Office: 919-629-6381

Mobile: 919-939-0915

Favorite Games: Rocket League, 7 Days to Die, Pokemon GO, Clash of Clans.

I’m the only girl in the TRU office and the behind-the-scenes superstar. My dogs Colt and Samantha are just the best. Dancing is also just the best. I have a degree in it, and was a middle school teacher before I came here! 7 Days to Die is pretty fun (even tho the Zoombies always kill me) and mobile games like CoC and PokeGO are sweet.

Forbes Jamieson

IT Director

Gamername: Funnyspeaker


Office: 919-629-6384

Mobile: 984-204-9768

Favorite Games: Fishing Tournament, Rocket League

I’m the old-timer of the TRU Crew. I’ve been working in IT field for more than 25 years, doing pretty much everything from desktop support, to programming, to network engineering and security. Family, coffee, and fishing games are mostly what I care about in life. Also I think my coworkers make fun of my accent (we don’t), but I’m not sure (we definitely don’t).

Ben Green

Media and Marketing Director

Gamername: GreenChord


Office: 919-629-6383

Mobile: 919-939-0915

Favorite Games: Overwatch, Rocket League, League of Legends, Pokemon GO, HALO 5, Metroid

I’m a guy who likes to play games and be creative – but then again, who doesn’t! Competitive PC games are my thing, but I’m also a big fan of all types of music, guitaring, gyming, and the color green in general. Also Pokemon Go is a cool game, but I always seem to be out of Pokeballs. I have a degree in Communications from UNC Chapel Hill.

Tony Lucas

IT Technician

Gamername: Toni650i


Office: 919-629-6385

Favorite Games: NBA 2K, GTA V, Madden

I’m the guy who can bench more than anyone else in the office (but not squat). I have a degree in programming and Java and C++ are where it’s at. I’m super into music – I love exploring different kinds, and the games I play are usually the best when they have good music. GTAV, 2k, Madden – the soundtracks in these games get me going.