68hr Charity Streamathon – Benefiting Alex’s Lemonade Stand!

From Friday, Sep. 28th – Monday, Oct. 1st, catch 60+ hours of continuous streaming to the TRUgaming Twitch channel for our Charity Streamathon!

This is one of our BIGGEST charity streams to date. The prizes are absolutely nuts. You’re really going to want to read this.




60+ Hours, 17 Streamers, and More

Announcing our Charity Streamathon in support of Alex’s Lemonade Stand!

With the help of the TRUgaming Sponsored Streamers and TRUaffiliates, we will be streaming all weekend long on the TRU Twitch Channel in order to raise money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

Alex’s is an organization that helps fight childhood cancer by raising funds to support reasearch and cures. It was started by the inspiring story of a girl named Alex, who raised over $1 million in support of childhood cancer before passing from cancer herself at the age of just 8. Her efforts are still the core of ALSF today, and the organization has seen over $150 million to date in support of the cause.

We are aiming to raise $2000 over the course of the weekend. Help us show some support for this incredible organization!

You can check out our official campaign event page to donate, or watch the action live on our Twitch channel.




Oh baby.

This weekend, we have 2 major types of giveaways that will be happening.

1) Group incentive giveaways.

Everytime that we hit a milestone in donations as a community, a new major giveaway will unlock!

The group incentive giveaways are as follows:

  • $1000 raised: 6mo server for the game of your choice (5 winners)
    $2000 raised: RTX 2080 Founders’ Edition NVIDIA Graphics Card (1 winner)
  • $5000 raised: Choice of an Xbox One X or a PS4 Pro (1 winner)
  • $10,000 raised: All-expenses-paid trip to Playthrough Gaming Convention 2019 (1 winner)

Special Details

  • We will be using a ticketing system to enter the giveaways for the RTX 2080, PS4/XB1, and Playthrough.
    • The longer you are in the stream, the better your chance to win – and you must be active for at least 5 hours to enter.
  • The RTX 2080 and Playthrough winners be pulled on Monday, Oct 1st between 12-1pm EST. You MUST be present in the stream to win!
    • Due to shipping, these prizes are only available to US citizens at this time.


2) Random Giveaways

The second type will be random giveaways. These are just like they sound – random giveaways that happen during the stream weekend at any time.

Thanks to community generosity and more, we have a lot to give away:

  • 1x $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • 2x $50 Amazon Gift Cards
  • 3x $25 Amazon Gift Cards
  • 12 TRUgaming Mugs
  • 110 Game keys (btw, these are GOOD keys – we’re talking Destiny 2, Conan Exiles, Life is Strange, etc) (big thanks to Dunion!)

If you have something you want to include for giveaways during the weekend, let us know!



Seriously, there’s more.

During the course of the weekend, we will ALSO have incentives for every person that donates.

The more YOU donate during the weekend, the more cool perks you get!

  • Donate at least $20: Get a Alex’s Lemonade t-shirt
  • At least $50: Get your username on the back of the shirt!
  • At least $100: Get the custom shirt PLUS custom sunglasses with Alex’s and TRU’s logo!

While supplies lasts. One per person. US only.


Special Event

Lemonade Royale?

On Monday, we’ll be celebrating the event with our very own community lemonade contest!

Submit your own lemonade recipe, and we’ll make it live on stream next Monday. Then, the TRUoffice staff will do a taste-off to determine who has the best recipe!

If you have the winning recipe, you’ll get:

  • A custom Alex’s t-shirt with your name on it
  • A pair of custom sunglasses with Alex’s and TRU’s logos
  • A special “fan pack” of Alex’s gear like plushes, socks, and more.




17 Streamers in all!





We can’t wait to kick off this very special Charity Stream.

We would love it if you could take just a few minutes to help spread the word! Simply copy this link and post on the social media of your choice.

See you Friday!

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