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TRUaffiliate – The First Step Towards Streamer Sponsorship

Our brand-new Affiliate program is finally ready to launch!

Apply today to become a TRUaffiliate and get access to stream support, graphics, commissions, and more.


What is a TRUaffiliate?

As a TRUaffiliate, you’ll get access to a couple cool opportunities designed to help you grow as a streamer. The program is open to any content creators who take their work seriously, and are looking to improve.

Perks of affiliation:

  • Custom URL for – you make a commission off of every sale that you generate! (servers, gear, and more).
  • Custom TRUaffiliate graphic pack including banners, panels, overlays, video loops, alert gifs, and more. Updated every few months.
  • Access to special TRUaffiliate Discord channel; ability to participate in special community events; priority for Sponsorship applications.


What’s Required?

The requirements to be a TRUaffiliate are clear-cut and very attainable for most content creators.


  • Twitch – be a  Twitch affiliate
  • Mixer – have at least 50 followers
  • YouTube – have at least 50 subscribers
  • Other/Misc – send us an email! (cosplay, artwork, esport team, etc)
  • All – be a community member & don’t be a tool

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Why TRUaffiliates?

For a good while now, community members have been asking if it’s alright to help promote the TRUfam. Many existing community members already use our logo on their streams, and enjoy our graphic pack. This is simply a way to say thanks for the support!

With the custom URL, you’ll now get a kickback from any business that you help generate on our site.

You’ll also get priority access to community events, sponsorships, etc – since we know you are a dedicated community member.



Have ideas for the program? Let us know how we can improve it!

This is certainly a program that we will refine and upgrade over time, based on new opportunities.

Finally, please join the Discord server so that if you are accepted, we can give you the affiliate role!


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