Steam vs Xbox/Microsoft vs Console

ARK is available on multiple platforms,  but there seems to be a lot of confusion about who can play together!!

As it stands right now (based on everything found on the web….. this is subject to change at any time), you can ONLY play with other players.  If you have:
Steam Version -Windows, Steam-Linux and Steam-Mac.  You “can” play together on a Steam based server.
PS4 Version – with other PS4 players or a special custom PC server, available from Studio Wildcard ‘selected’ hosting providers.
Microsoft/Xbox Version – with other Xbox players and those running the Windows 10 version of ARK (available in the Windows App store).

With this said… PS4 players CANNOT play with Steam or Xbox/Microsoft players, etc.

Currently TRUgaming ONLY offers servers running the STEAM VERSION of ARK.