Best Twitch Streaming Software on the Market

trugaming twitch logoThere’s a ton of Twitch streaming software on the market that makes streaming from a PC or console as simple as streaming from a phone.

Many new programs have been developed to allow you to capture, encode, and livestream your content directly to Twitch, without needing to purchase a bunch of extra gear. We’ve tested most of the options out there, and have compiled a list of the best twitch streaming software on the market that make streaming on Twitch a breeze.


Best Twitch Streaming Software for Livestream

There are a LOT of Twitch streaming software options out there. Here are five of our favorites.


 Best Twitch Streaming Software Streamlabs


StreamLabs is a must-have for streamers, since it works in tandem with other softwares. SL is both:

  • An on-stream notification suite (StreamLabs Alert Box)
  • An all-in-one livestreaming desktop software (SLOBS)

The StreamLabs desktop software (SLOBS) allows users to change images, sounds, colors, and layouts on their livestream, while having access to free themes, overlays, widgets, a live tab, and more.

The web-based StreamLabs AlertBox also features customizable alerts available for followers, hosts, subscribers, and donations.



Best Twitch Streaming Software OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Not only is OBS free to use, it’s open source! OBS is the “Gold Standard” for streamers everywhere.

OBS offers an unlimited number of layouts and features, and streams directly to Twitch. It’s a great software to use whether you’re just getting started with streaming, or a Twitch streaming veteran.

To put it simply, OBS has a high-performance game streaming quality and is trusted by many of the biggest Twitch streamers. If you want something time-tested and reliable, OBS is ideal for you.



Best Twitch Streaming Software XSplit

xSplit Gamecaster

The xSplit Gamecaster is a free Twitch streaming software that offers several different powerful perks.

xSplit allows users to customize their livestream to get the best possible audio, visual, and livestream quality by linking a Twitch account to the software. Users can then customize their stream with features like overlays, annotations, a webcam, and more.

There are variety of additional plugins that make the livestreaming process even easier. xSplit Gamecaster is another favored streaming software, as it allows you to stream high-quality, rich content with a free, easy-to-use software.



Best Twitch Streaming Software


StreamPro is a lesser-known yet powerful Twitch streaming software that includes everything you need.

With StreamPro, you can livestream to Twitch and customize your stream with the user-friendly interface. StreamPro’s customizable features include polls, labels, chats, graphics, alerts, donations, and more.

Streamers can make changes directly to their streams with an easy-to-use drag and drop feature.

Similar to Stream Labs OBS, StreamPro makes livestreaming to Twitch and creating overlays for your stream quick and easy. All-in-one streaming softwares can save you valuable screen space and CPU usage.



Best Twitch Streaming Software wirecast


WireCast is another solid Twitch streaming software for your desktop.

Right out of the box, WireCast allows you to stream polished and professional video content directly to Twitch. Users have access to an unlimited amount of transitions, animations, and effects to customize their stream.

Streamers can even encode their livestream for simultaneous broadcasting to other servers or platforms (note – don’t do this if you’re a Twitch Affiliate or Partner!)

The Pro version offers features including live scoreboards, replays, and advanced audio controls. Wirecast gives you the ability to stream content at a professional quality level.



Give these software options a try and find the one that works best for you. If these don’t work for you, remember that there are TONS of other options on the marketplace that can support your Twitch needs.


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