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Twitch Thursdays – TWITTER (Part 1)

Twitter Twitch

  Twitter is arguably THE social media to use as a Twitch Streamer You’d be hard pressed to find a large streamer that doesn’t Tweet constantly, and some even tell their viewers how great it is. So clearly, Twitter is a big deal. The question is… what’s the best way to use it? Fortunately for us, Twitter... [Read More]

Setting GOALS on Twitch

There’s a lot of advice out there about Twitch Goals. With 2018 in full swing, I’ve noticed a lot of talk about setting new Twitch goals from big and small streamers alike. I’ve also noticed a lot of different opinions on what “good” goal-setting looks like, and debate over whether setting goals even matters at all.... [Read More]

TCAdmin Control Panel Guide

TCadmin Control Panel Guide

How to Use Navigating the TCAdmin control panel seems harder than it really is. Check out our detailed guide below to get the most out of your game server! See also: Video Tutorial   TCAdmin Control Panel Navigation Login Screen The TCAdmin Control Panel Login screen requires three items of information for you to... [Read More]

Working with Developers as a Streamer – 7 Do’s and Don’ts

Working With Developer on Twitch

Working with Developers as a Streamer – The Do’s and Don’ts This week’s topic is about the Do’s and Don’ts of Working with Developers as a Streamer. All points originate from our podcast, the Stream Key Podcast (Episode 2). DO: Be Ambitious One of the biggest tips I think broadcasters should know, is that you don’t... [Read More]

NEW Fuel Tank & Weapon Balancing – Crossout 0.7.0 Patch Rundown

Crossout 0.7.0 Patch Rundown

Crossout 0.7.0 Patch is here. We break it down! Join TRU “Doc” as he runs through the new features of Crossout 0.7.0 Patch, including a variety of new fuel tank and weapon balancing changes. Get the full scoop and some new strategies in the video below! Want to check out Doc’s Crossout tips live? Catch... [Read More]

CLIMBING in Overwatch SoloQ – Guides with Green

Overwatch SoloQ

Overwatch SoloQ games often feel like chaos. AFKs, Hanzo mains that refuse to switch, 8-year olds screaming in chat about how OP Genji is… the list goes on. How is anyone supposed to climb the ranks in this environment? Join me as I attempt to brave the depths of Overwatch ELO hell and guide you... [Read More]

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