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What is TwitchCon?

What is TwitchCon

What is TwitchCon? If you’re serious about streaming, you really need to go to TwitchCon 2018. Why? Simply put, it’s any Twitch fan’s dream weekend. If you’ve never heard of this ridiculously amazing event, allow me to explain everything you need to know about TwitchCon and why you should attend. What is TwitchCon and Why... [Read More]

Announcing the TRUaffiliate Program!


Apply Now TRUaffiliate – The First Step Towards Sponsorship Our brand-new Affiliate program is finally ready to launch! Apply today to become a TRUaffiliate and get access to stream support, graphics, commissions, and more.   What is a TRUaffiliate? As a TRUaffiliate, you’ll get access to a couple cool opportunities designed to help you grow... [Read More]

New Partnership: United Exiled

United Exiles

We are now partners with United Exiles! Love Conan Exiles? Check out United Exiles, a strategy and community website dedicated to giving you the best information available about Conan Exiles.  Plus, if you join their newsletter, you’ll get access to a few TRU-specific perks related to Conan. Head over now for more info! View Now

ECGC 2018

ECGC 2018 –  Year 2!   Conference Details On April 17th, we’re coming back to our first conference ever – ECGC 2018. And we’ve got something BIG that we can’t wait to share with the community! During the conference, you’ll be able to meet TRUgaming sponsored streamers like DanTheDapper, Velokk_TV, MelaciousMel, Whiteshadow_001, and more. We’ll... [Read More]

Sponsored Streamer Update (Part 1)

sponsored on twitch

  It’s Time For Some Updates! You might have heard that today, January 5th 2018, Sponsored Streamer applications open for our Winter season. Like every round before, you can apply for sponsorship with TRUgaming on the Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer platforms! It’s been a while since we launched our Sponsored Streamer program (about 19 months),... [Read More]

The Star Wars One – TRUtalk Episode 010


Listen to “The Star Wars One – TRUtalk Episode 10” on Spreaker. TRUtalk 010 This week on the TRUtalk Podcast, Pimz and Whiteshadow discuss Twitch changes and drama, and a whole lot of spoilers about the new Star Wars film, The Last Jedi. Twitch has been making some changes with how viewership is counted for lurkers. Furthermore,... [Read More]

Finding Your Identity as a Streamer

Twitch Persona

Listen to “Finding Your IDENTITY as a Twitch Streamer ft. Pimz – SPK 006” on Spreaker. Check out our discussion on Identity on Twitch in SPK 006 with Pimz! SKP 006: Finding Your IDENTITY on Twitch ft. Pimz In this episode of The Stream Key Podcast, I chat with Sponsored Streamer Pimz about what it means to... [Read More]

Veterans Day Streamathon 2017

Veterans Day Streamathon

Veterans Day Streamathon – Benefiting Operation Supply Drop! From Friday, November 10th – Monday, November 12th, catch 60+ hours of continuous streaming to the TRUgaming Twitch channel for our Veterans Day Streamathon! Details: 60+ Hours, 17 Streamers, and More Announcing our second annual Veterans Day Streamathon in support of Operation Supply Drop! With the help of... [Read More]

(LIVE) Stream Key 003 ft. DNLinkman

Network Streaming - SPK 003

 Stream Key Podcast 003 Premieres Friday! This Friday, September 15th at 10am EST, tune into our Twitch channel to learn all about the Pros and Cons of Network Streaming on Twitch. Stream Key Podcast 003 LIVE on Friday, September 15th with Special Guest DNLinkman. DNLinkman “DN” is a streamer on Twitch with years of experience, and a recent... [Read More]

$1959 Raised for Stiggy’s Dogs

Stiggy's Dogs Charity Stream

Thank you, TRUfam! Over the course of our most recent charity stream weekend, the entire TRUfam banded together to raise $1959 in support of Stiggy’s Dogs! As of today, the net donation has officially been sent to Stiggy’s Dogs to help them in their mission. We could never have done this without each and every one... [Read More]

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