Welcome to the TRUfam!

The TRUfam is a rapidly-growing community of gamers that chat, game, and stream together. We play games of every kind on every platform! We also often host big community events like charity streams and game nights to keep things interesting. Check out some of the things that make the TRUfam so special!

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  • Over 2900 registered members
  • Leveling system and special achievement rewards
  • Twitch support and auto-promotion of streams

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What’s in it for me?

  • Access to our special rewards program, Earn stream-related goodies every time a customer uses your streamer code at checkout
  • Free exclusive crimson Sponsored Streamer #TRUteam shirt
  • Free game and voice servers
  • Access to special interviews and features, including blog interviews, podcasts, social media shoutouts, and video highlights
  • Priority for TRU raids, auto-stream promotion on our partnered Discord server, VIP Discord server role
  • Ability to partner with TRU for special stream events such as charity streams, conventions, and more
  • Top streamers are flown out to attend conventions to represent TRUgaming as TRUambassadors!

Cool, but what do I have to do?

  • Post a few times per week to your social media about TRUgaming or the TRUfam
  • Feature our logo in a Twitch panel, and somewhere on your stream every few minutes
  • That’s it! (But we do encourage you to join our Discord for even more stream support!)


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