Want To Get Sponsored?

TRUgaming is proud to offer sponsorship opportunities to content creators on the Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer platorms. Every 3 months, we select new sponsorships based on seasonal application windows.

Get Sponsored on Twitch

NOW OPEN Until 5/21 (Spring Season)

If you want to become a Sponsored Streamer, check out our tips below to ensure that you ace the application process. Although we accept all applications, those who apply that meet the criteria below will have a MUCH higher chance of being sponsored.

To start with, we look for three general traits in applicants when reviewing channels. Generally, the best candidates are those who are:

  1. Consistent – putting out content continuously/on a schedule, and self-motivated to stream often. They work hard!
  2. Polished – show quality in their work, efforts to make a brand, eye-catching images, and good image appearance for videos and streams. They care about presentation!
  3. Passionate – love what they do and are good-natured, enjoyable to watch, and just as enjoyable to sponsor. They are entertaining!


Due to the large volume of applications we receive, we now also require streamers to have:

    1. At least 100 Twitch or Mixer followers (or 100 subscribers on YouTube)
    2. Around ~15 average concurrent viewers (monthly)
    3. Willingness to be involved in our Partnered Discord server
    4. Affiliate status on Twitch (if a Twitch streamer). 


Twitch Sponsorship

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What’s In It For Me?

  • Access to our special rewards program, Earn stream-related goodies every time a customer uses your streamer code at checkout
  • Free exclusive crimson Sponsored Streamer #TRUteam shirt
  • Free game and voice servers
  • Access to special interviews and features, including blog interviews, podcasts, social media shoutouts, and video highlights
  • Priority for TRU raids, auto-stream promotion on our partnered Discord server, VIP Discord server role
  • Ability to partner with TRU for special stream events such as charity streams, conventions, and more
  • We also fly out select streamers to attend conventions and represent TRUgaming as TRUambassadors!


Cool, But What Do I Have To Do?

  • Post a few times per week to your social media about TRUgaming or the TRUfam
  • Feature our logo in a Twitch panel, and somewhere on your stream every few minutes
  • Join our Discord server, and chat with community members every so often
  • That’s it!


Still want more info on Sponsorships? Head over to our community page for a full list of current Sponsored Streamers.