Want to get sponsored?

Next Sponsorship Window: Spring 2017

TRUgaming is proud to offer sponsorships opportunities to content creators in both the Twitch and YouTube communities. Sponsorships are determined based on applications rounds that are active at various times throughout the year.
If you are interested in becoming a Sponsored Streamer, check out our tips below to ensure that you ace the application process. Although we accept all applications, those who apply that meet the criteria below will have a MUCH higher chance of being accepted for sponsorship.

To start with, we look for three general traits in applicants when reviewing channels. The best candidates are those who are:

  1. Consistent – putting out content continuously/on a schedule, and are not looking for a sponsorship as a way to motivated (i.e. you are self-motivated).
  2. Polished – a level of quality in work, efforts to make a brand, eye-catching images, good image appearance for videos and streams. You care about presentation.
  3. Passionate – love what they do and tend to be good-natured, enjoyable to watch, and just as enjoyable to sponsor. You are entertaining.