StreamLabs Partner Stream Weekend (May 13th-14th)

This weekend on StreamLabs’ official Twitch channel, the TRUfam is taking over! Catch over 24 hours of streaming on both Saturday and Sunday, featuring a packed roster of TRUfam members. See below for the official schedule! (All times EST)  

CLIMBING in Overwatch SoloQ – Guides with Green

guides and writeups

Solo ranked games in Overwatch often feel like chaos. AFKs, Hanzo mains that refuse to switch, 8-year olds screaming in chat about how OP Genji is… the list goes on. How is anyone supposed to climb the ranks in this environment? Join me as I attempt to brave the depths of ELO hell and guide... [Read More]

5(ish) Questions With: ILxDOTTORE

ilxdottore TRUgaming sponsored streamer

Today’s Sponsored Streamer interview features ILxDOTTORE, one of the most active members of our TRUfam! “Doc” is currently the #3 most active community member in TRU, and has been slowly returning to a more frequent stream schedule on his Twitch channel. He is constantly chatting with community members, and was even voted to be a “TRU... [Read More]

5(ish) Questions With: BIGpanda


Today’s Sponsored Streamer interview features BIGpanda, the fuzziest and bear-est of our “Sponsees”! “Panda” mostly plays PC games, especially League of Legends and Rocket League. He frequently streams alongside another Sponsored Streamer, Buzzlin. You can catch him on Twitch most weeknights anytime from 5-11pm. This interview was conducted by TRU GreenChord   GreenChord: Hey Panda, thanks... [Read More]

5(ish) Questions With: Velokk_TV

velokk_tv TRUgaming sponsored streamer

Today’s Sponsored Streamer interview features Velokk_TV, one of our first “Sponsees”! Velokk has quite the energetic and entertaining stream – he is so passionate about streaming that he even inspired his good friend DanTheDapper to pick up streaming, who is now also a Sponsored Streamer of ours! Velokk has a deep love for CS:GO in particular, but... [Read More]

5(ish) Questions With: DustIIDesign

DustIIDesign Sponsored Streamer

Meet our resident Creative Sponsored Streamer, DustIIDesign! “Dust” specializes in streaming creative work on his Twitch channel, and has helped create channel branding and assets for many people in the #TRUfam. When he’s not creating fancy graphics in Photoshop or After Effects, you can often find him streaming survival games like 7 Days to Die or... [Read More]

5(ish) Questions With: Buzzlin

buzzlin TRUgaming sponsored streamer

Meet one of our first Sponsored Streamers, Buzzlin! Buzzlin is a PC streamer whose favorite games to play include the Battlefield series, Rocket League, LoL, and other games such as Kerbal Space Program. He often co-streams with BlGpanda, another Sponsored Streamer of ours. His loyal community (The Hive) has been supporting him as he has been... [Read More]

5(ish) Questions With: det0x gaming

det0xgaming TRUgaming sponsored streamer

Meet our first Sponsored Streamer/network, det0x gaming! det0x gaming is a channel that features many different streamers who each take turns broadcasting to the single channel. Caribou is the head of det0x, and has been streaming for a long time himself. He manages the scheduling, recruitment, and logistics for det0x, and speaks for the organization as a whole on various... [Read More]

5(ish) Questions With: DanTheDapper

danthedapper TRUgaming sponsored streamer

Meet one of our newest Sponsored Streamers, DanTheDapper! DanTheDapper got his start to streaming with some motivation from one of his good friends, Velokk_tv (another one of our Sponsored Streamers!) His channel has been experiencing some very rapid growth lately, thanks largely to his exciting #Hallowstream event during the month of October. We managed to ask Dan a few questions... [Read More]

5(ish) Questions With: Whiteshadow_001

whiteshadow_001 TRUgaming sponsored streamer

We are kicking of a new interview segment with a Q&A featuring the much-loved Whiteshadow001! Whiteshadow is one of TRUgaming’s Sponsored Streamers, and is one of the most involved participants in our Discord server. He has been streaming since October of 2015, and has developed a fan base that has come to love not only... [Read More]

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