Sponsored Streamer Interview – PrinceJames

PrinceJames Interveiw

Tuesday SS Interviews – PrinceJames “That’s my point in life, to bring joy.” Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Sponsored Streamer Interview! Join us each week for a discussion with our Sponsored Streamers about their history on Twitch, their advice for new streamers, and more. This week, Drizz got to chat with PrinceJames, a hilarious Sponsored... [Read More]

Twitch Thursdays – TWITTER (Part 1)

Twitter Twitch

  Twitter is arguably THE social media to use as a Twitch Streamer You’d be hard pressed to find a large streamer that doesn’t Tweet constantly, and some even tell their viewers how great it is. So clearly, Twitter is a big deal. The question is… what’s the best way to use it? Fortunately for us, Twitter... [Read More]

Sponsored Streamer Interview – PureKaos26

Tuesday SS Interviews – PureKaos26 We’re kicking off a new weekly interview series with the help of Drizz_TV! Join us each week for a discussion with our Sponsored Streamers about their history on Twitch, their advice for new streamers, and more. This week, Drizz got to chat with PureKaos, a Creative Sponsored Streamer who specializes... [Read More]

Setting GOALS on Twitch

setting twitch goals

There’s a lot of advice out there about Twitch Goals. With 2018 in full swing, I’ve noticed a lot of talk about setting new Twitch goals from big and small streamers alike. I’ve also noticed a lot of different opinions on what “good” goal-setting looks like, and debate over whether setting goals even matters at all.... [Read More]

TRUtalk Episode 011 – I am NOT Oki Doki


Listen to “TRUTalk Episode 011 – I am NOT Oki Doki” on Spreaker. TRUtalk Episode 011 ft/ Sadomi This week on the TRUtalk Podcast, Pimz and Whiteshadow are joined by special guest, Sponsored Streamer Sadomi for one of the longest episodes of TRUtalk to date! The boyz take a look back at 2017 and some of their... [Read More]

Sponsored Streamer Update (Part 1)

sponsored on twitch

  It’s Time For Some Updates! You might have heard that today, January 5th 2018, Sponsored Streamer applications open for our Winter season. Like every round before, you can apply for sponsorship with TRUgaming on the Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer platforms! It’s been a while since we launched our Sponsored Streamer program (about 19 months),... [Read More]

The Star Wars One – TRUtalk Episode 010


Listen to “The Star Wars One – TRUtalk Episode 10” on Spreaker. TRUtalk 010 This week on the TRUtalk Podcast, Pimz and Whiteshadow discuss Twitch changes and drama, and a whole lot of spoilers about the new Star Wars film, The Last Jedi. Twitch has been making some changes with how viewership is counted for lurkers. Furthermore,... [Read More]

Finding Your Identity as a Streamer

Twitch Persona

Listen to “Finding Your IDENTITY as a Twitch Streamer ft. Pimz – SPK 006” on Spreaker. Check out our discussion on Identity on Twitch in SPK 006 with Pimz! SKP 006: Finding Your IDENTITY on Twitch ft. Pimz In this episode of The Stream Key Podcast, I chat with Sponsored Streamer Pimz about what it means to... [Read More]

Veterans Day Streamathon 2017

Veterans Day Streamathon

Veterans Day Streamathon – Benefiting Operation Supply Drop! From Friday, November 10th – Monday, November 12th, catch 60+ hours of continuous streaming to the TRUgaming Twitch channel for our Veterans Day Streamathon! Details: 60+ Hours, 17 Streamers, and More Announcing our second annual Veterans Day Streamathon in support of Operation Supply Drop! With the help of... [Read More]

TCAdmin Control Panel Guide

TCadmin Control Panel Guide

How to Use Navigating the TCAdmin control panel seems harder than it really is. Check out our detailed guide below to get the most out of your game server! See also: Video Tutorial   TCAdmin Control Panel Navigation Login Screen The TCAdmin Control Panel Login screen requires three items of information for you to... [Read More]

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