TRUgaming Staff Update


Today, Matt Rickman (ILxDOTTORE) has officially resigned as the full-time streamer at TRUgaming.

Doc’s last day streaming at the office will be today, August 7th, 2018.

Doc will be moving back to Florida to spend more time with his fiancé and her family. He plans to still remain part of the TRUfam community and Discord, but he will no longer be streaming to the TRUgaming channel.

We are sad to see Doc go – he has worked incredibly hard to shape the identity of our Twitch channel, as well as our Discord. His passion for the TRUcommunity, his work ethic, and his consistency have all helped further the mission and impact of TRUgaming.

We wish Doc the best as he starts this new journey, and have no doubt he will find success in his new career, marriage, and life.



What happens to the TRUgaming channel now?

Many of you have already begun asking if we will be looking for a new streamer to fill the Full-time Streamer position at TRUgaming.

The short answer: we’re not sure yet. 

We’re using this time to brainstorm ideas for the TRU Twitch channel. It’s not clear yet whether we will look for a new streamer to come on-board with us, or if we will try a new route, focusing more on community events and shows.

In the meantime, we will continue to stream podcasts and charity streams on the channel. While we won’t be live on Twitch every day, stay tuned – we are already working with some of our Sponsored Streamers to create some new, exciting content!

We’ll provide another update on the direction of the channel in the coming weeks.



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