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DanTheDapper got his start to streaming with some motivation from one of his good friends, Velokk_TV (another one of our Sponsored Streamers!)

His channel has been experiencing some very rapid growth lately, thanks largely to his exciting #Hallowstream event during the month of October.

We managed to ask Dan a few questions about his streaming career, to get some insight into what pieces of advice he might be able to share with the rest of the TRUfam.

DanTheDapper Interview conducted by TRU GreenChord


GreenChord: Hey Dan, thanks for agreeing to do this!


Glad to be a part of this, TRU!



GC: So, what made you want to start streaming? Also, what platforms do you focus on?



I had given up on the idea until my friend Devon (VELOKK_TV) insisted.

I’d wanted to stream when the Xbox One first came out, as they partnered with Twitch to provide streaming software built into the console — with the Kinect coupled with that I thought it was a no-brainer! I had never tried after my first attempt due to poor internet connection where I lived.

So, I tried to get back into it once I got better internet. Being a variety streamer, I focus on Xbox One for all games available to it and PC/PS4 for games exclusive to them.



GC: What, if anything, do you feel has been key to your success on your streaming platform so far? 



My fellowship – the “Dan Clan/Dan Fam” as they call themselves – make me who I am and what I offer as a streamer.

They’re the kindest, funniest group of people I’ve ever met. They make the new viewer feel at home the moment they pop into chat, and always make them feel included. I love my squad.

However, I don’t have a golden ticket answer. I do stream six days a week and that helps, but with working retail my times vary. I’ve done giveaways but honestly can count on one hand the people who have followed solely because of it.

The community over at TRUGamingLLC is also a marvel, they’re all really kind and helpful, as are my fellow Sponsored Streamers. They help me throw ideas around and have guided my decisions as of late.



GC: Have you had any difficult seasons/experiences in your stream history? How did you overcome them?



Every single person that comes into my stream should feel welcomed.

I will always pride myself on that philosophy no matter how big or small I become as a streamer.

I’ve only streamed for 4 months, so I don’t think I’m seasoned enough to have any true hardship that may be more prevalent in a stream with high traffic chat such as toxicity. I also haven’t  had many technical faults that impacted my streams’ performance.

The worst I can come up with was streaming Rocket League. We had a lit chat full of banter and light-hearted trolling. These three users popped in and, to what I thought was adding to the interactivity, turned out to be legitimately harassing one of my newer viewers at the time, Robert1725. Quickly figuring it out, my demeanor changed and I got pretty serious and it kind of killed the mood. I banned all three of them and reached out to the viewer to let him know I never want anyone to feel like that.


GC: What would be your biggest piece of advice for a newer streamer looking to find success?



Find a balance between what you enjoy, and what you have a chance to succeed at.

It’s great to love Hearthstone, but be mindful that well-established, overly-saturated games may be hard to build a foundation for a fresh streamer.

I tried this with Overwatch, and had no viewers for a good chunk of the stream at times. Moving to a game I loved that was also more accessible for smaller streamers, like Diablo III and Rocket League is really where I began to get my foot in the door.

Now I have a core group of friends I’ve made who always come to hang out, and am looking to revisit some of the more popular games to make a claim.



GC: Is there anything else you would like to discuss about your stream/let readers know about?



Provide for your viewers that are there now.

Try not to fret about how many followers you have, or the time it will take you to get partnered.

I’m a variety streamer, and that means what I play today may not interest the viewers that tuned in yesterday. As such, my viewer count can fluctuate more than someone who may stick to one game with the same consistency.

Success as a streamer doesn’t mean being on Twitch’s home page (but I’m sure that brings a warm fuzzy feeling!) to me. If you’re having fun and your community is too, that’s all that matters.

Living life as a streamer by looking at numbers on a paper just isn’t the mentality to go in with to me. I’ve made so many new bonds and friendships and to me, that’s the best part of it all.



GC: Thanks for taking the time to interview with us!


We’re happy to see that you are finding so much success! We also wish you the best during the rest of the #Hallowstream. Props to you, I couldn’t do a stream like that… 2spooky4me.

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