I cannot reach my server!!!

With the pending release of DayZ 1.10, one would assume that mod developers have been busy testing their mods on the DayZ 1.10 Experimental version that is available.

Sadly this is not always the case.

The net result, the moment DayZ 1.10 goes STABLE, there is a rush to update servers, which is great for those who don’t use mods.  However, those who have chosen to use mods, typically run into issues, mostly because mods have not been updated at all or in some cases not updated to work work with the final STABLE release.  The latter is understandable, it is all a matter of timing.  There is a chance of changes between the last EXPERIMENTAL release and the STABLE release.   You know those last minute bug (AKA Undocumented Feature) fixes.


What To Do

Firstly, DONT PANIC!!!!!

Secondly,  Update Your Mods.  You have a few choices depending on how you host your server; self hosted or using a Game Service Provider (GSP) and how you installed your mods:

  • If you have the option to update your mod using a ‘mod updater’, update your mods.
    • REMEMBER, only mods that have been ‘flagged’ as updated will most likely show up, this will not highlight any mods that are ‘broken’.
  • If you  have manually installed any mods, you will need to go through the install process and update your mods.

Thirdly, if you still continue to have issues, you need to check your log files to see if you can identify which mods are causing problems and what the problems are.

Fourthlyand this is the one everyone hates to do, go through your mod list and visit each workshop page and check:

  •  the mod Update notes (if any) for any special instructions, like new configuration requirements or changes to existing configuration files.
  • the discussions and/or comments regarding issues related to the current mod version and the latest version of the game and possible workarounds.

Lastly, you may need to:

  • wait for the mod to update.
  • if you have been able to identify any mod(s) with issues, remove the mod(s) from your mod list.
    • REMEMBER: If you remove a mod and you made changes to core configuration files, you need to reverse those or you will have more problems to resolve.
  • repeat one or more steps until things are resolved