DayZ Livonia DLC & 1.06 Patch Released

Our DayZ Servers now support the latest DayZ 1.06 patch and the new DayZ Livonia DLC.

To enjoy one or both:

  • You need to update your server by using the  Steam Update option on the  game control panel.
    • This will apply the 1.06 patch and add the necessary files to support the Livonia DLC
  • MUST have purchased the DLC use a server running the Livonia map.


1.06 Patch

REMEMBER: Some mods may become unusable due to this update.  Make sure you read each mods Steam workshop discussion/page to make sure mods you are using are up to date and/or support the patch or DLC,  otherwise your server may become unusable.

Livonia DLC

To use the latest map you need to edit the  “Main server configuration” (serverDZ.cfg) file.  Scroll to the bottom of the file and change the mission template:

From: template=”dayzOffline.chernarusplus“; //used mission //first part is mission name, second part is used map
To:  template=”dayzOffline.enoch“;        //used mission         //first part is mission name, second part is used map


For TRUgaming server owners, please visit our DayZ Wiki page for step-by-step instructions on changing your server to use the “Livonia” map