I cant find my server or I can’t connect to my server!!

These are two of the most commonly reported issues sent to TRUgaming Support.  The answer depends largely on the user and the game, or a combination of both.  Let me answer it like this…

Finding Your Server

  • When you ordered your server you set up a ‘server name’.  This is typically what you search for in the in-game server list.  In some games the search displays your ‘server name’ quickly. Others may take a while for them to show up in the server list, if at all.  This could be for a variety of reasons.
    • Games like ARK have thousands of servers on the internet and the game it self can only search a small portion of the list at a time.
    • Steam in-game server lists, typically rely on searching the Steam Master list, so the longer your server is online the greater the chance of it showing up.
    • When you ordered your server or if you changed your ‘server name’ it may have included ‘illegal/unacceptable’ characters and this will also stop it showing.
  • If it is a Steam game, and you are trying to add the server to your Steam/ Servers /Favorites list, depending on the game, you may have to use either the Game port or the Query port in the input box.  We have detailed instructions on the Wiki on how to do this.

Connecting to Your Server

  • You have made a change to your server, either a config file change or added a mod and have a) either forgotten to start it back up or b) the change has caused the server not to start.
  • If you are trying to connect using the assigned IP address and Port information, make sure you are using both and are formatting it correctly.  IP ADDRESS”:”PORT NUMBER.  The “:” is important.  Example:
  • Make sure your server is up and running.  Connect to the Game Control Panel to verify.  If it is running, check the log files.  It could be running, but there could be an error.