I ordered a server…


I Ordered a ServerDepending on the game you ordered, it may take several minutes to setup.  Creating your account is quick and simple, but setting up a server may take a little longer, as there are files that need to be copied and permissions that need to be setup.

Games like ARK and Unturned have over 100,000 files that need to be processed!!

Regardless, rest assured that if you submitted an order, your server is already being set up.


Once your server setup is complete on our side, you will receive two emails from us, informing you that things are setup and ready.  If they are not in your Inbox, check your Spam folder.

  • The first email has a subject line of “Your Control Panel Login.” This email contains your username and password that you will use to log into cpanel.trugaming.com, our Game Control Panel.
  • The second email will contain game-server-specific information and have the subject line; “New game server for <Your Name>”.

Now What?

Step 1: Take a few minutes to watch our YouTube video on how to navigate the Game Control Panel.  The link comes bundled in the “Your Control Panel Login” email, but you can also simply click here to watch it.   We also have a Wiki site that contains information covered in the above video, that you can refer to at any time.

Step 2: Take a look around the Game Control Panel, when in doubt, there is always a “Cancel” button so you should not mess things up.

Step 3: Before you jump into making the choice, “to mod or not to mod”, take a few minutes and make sure you can connect to your server .  There is nothing worse than adding mods/plugins and then trying to connect to your server and things are not working.  This can prove very frustrating, so make sure you can connect to your server.  Spend a minute or two running around; hopefully you will not die in those first few minutes..like I so often do.  🙂

It Works, YAY!!

For the more daring/hardcore folks… it’s time to customize your server.  This can be as simple as changing your server name and a few of the config file settings.  Or as complex as changing server config files settings and adding mods/plugins to your server.  I will cover this more later.

But for now, I will leave you with the question:  To Mod or Not To Mod?