With the release of Minecraft Java Edition 1.13  we have noticed an increase in the amount of RAM a server uses.
1GB of Server RAM gets eaten up very quickly even if you are not doing a thing on the server, add mods.. and it goes even faster.
Assumption: There is a memory leak in this release or it is just a resource hog!!

While researching the memory issue, I found an interesting post regarding performance issues:
 “I’ve only ever experienced some lag when I was digging a tunnel and water rushed into it, but apart from that, no problems for me in terms of lag.”

Found an interesting video comparing the performance between 1.12 and 1.13 with regards water flow.
Killer Water – Minecraft 1.13 Flowing Water Performance
This certainly highlights the fact that there needs to be some work done in Minecraft Java Edition 1.13


Upgrade/Update Warning

Also, if you have changed from running ”’MC 1.12.x”’ to ”’MC 1.13”’ and kept your ”’world(s)”’:
* Older worlds will be laggy because the game restructures data for older chunks as they load.
You can improve performance of older worlds by using the Optimize World option in the Edit menu.

** UPDATE **

If Running Minecraft Java Edition version 1.13 and above, it looks like 4GB of RAM is proving to be the best option.

** UPDATE #2 **

Minecraft Java Edition version 1.13.2 has been released