Control Panel gets a Makeover!


The first time you  login you will be greeted with an email from us.  To get past this, click on the OK at the bottom of the message.  If you are not able to see the OK, exit out and login again choosing a different Template.

We will be rolling out an updated look to the Game Control Panel (  ( Date to be announced )
The basic functionality hasn’t changed – only the look and navigation are changing.

NOTE: The example images show here may change based on the final ‘default’ theme/template set.  You can change template at any time to one of the available options.

Login Page

The most notable change on the login page is the Captcha (Code) section.  The old Code field was alphanumeric, while the new Captcha Code is only alpha (no numbers).

Main Page



As you can see from the screenshots above, the menu options have moved from the left hand side of the screen to the top.
The other notable change is the ‘Account Information’ section is now show as the user/account owner name on the top menu.
In this example TRUcommunity

Game Server Page

The game server page features the biggest transformation.  The icons below the server information have now been moved to the left.
The Scheduled Tasks (tasks you have created like; restarts, steam updates) tab is now under menu items on the left.  Items under the Actions (reinstanstall, etc) tab are now behind the More button.

Give us Feedback!

We are busy updating our TRUgaming Wiki site with new screenshots and updated information.  As with all new features, there may be a few bugs, please let us know so we can report them to the TCAdmin developers.