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Our Game Server FAQ has all the info you need to get your server up & running.

What is a Game Server?
Should I Own a Game Server?
How Do I Order a Game Server?
So, I Ordered a Server – Now What?
What Is Your Refund Policy?
How Do I Get Support?
What’s the Difference Between “Vanilla” and “Modded” Servers?
What Platforms Do You Support?
How do I cancel my Order/Subscription?
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What is a Game Server?

A game server allows gamers to run multiplayer computer games over the Intranet/Internet. Game servers are hosted either locally or remotely ( Servers hosted locally can be accessed by users in the local Intranet or local area network (LAN), and servers hosted remotely can be accessed from across the world.

A game server consists of two parts: the client-side, and the server-side.

  • The client-side (your PC/laptop) runs a version of the game compatible with your operating system.
  • The server-side runs either an identical copy of the client software, or a version of the software especially written for multiplayer connectivity.

A client-side game can also act as server! However, client-side servers may impact your game play if your client PC/laptop does not have the resources (memory, cpu speed, etc) to handle both functions.

Should I Own a Game Server?


  • Play with your friends/clan without worrying about some stranger spoiling things.
  • Customize your game to your liking by adding maps, mods and plugins.
  • Tweak the settings to the way you play or like to play.


  • Time.
  • Patience.
  • Research.

How Do I Order a Game Server

From our website, locate the game you wish to purchase. You can find games by either clicking on the appropriate link on our front page,  or following the ‘SEE ALL GAME SERVERS’ link and selecting it from there.

Completing Your Order in 3 Steps

  • Step 1: decide if you want your server to be Public or Private.
    • A public server is visible and immediately accessible to anyone. Any player can find and join your server in the game’s ‘server browser’.
    • Alternatively, a private server is immediately protected with a password of your choosing. This password is selected on the Checkout Page.
  • Step 2: Decide how many players (slots) you want to allow to connect to your server. The default slot count is our recommended count for new server owners. Then, choose your subscription type (how frequently you wish to receive a bill for your server).  The options are Annually, Bi-Annually (6 months) and Monthly.  Finally, choose your server location (either Eastern, or Western).  At the completion of this step, you will see the cost of your purchase under Step 3.
  • Step 3: Order Now. Click on the ‘ORDER NOW’ button and this will add your server purchase to your shopping cart.

You can always see what is in your shopping cart by clicking on the ‘VIEW CART’ button that is displayed after your clicked on the ‘ORDER NOW’ button or by clicking on cart icon on the main menu bar.

When you are done adding your purchases to your shopping cart, click on the ‘shopping cart’ icon and select either ‘VIEW CART’ or ‘CHECKOUT’.

Clicking on the ‘VIEW CART’ button will take you to your shopping cart where you can review your  order.  The ‘Cart’ page also will tell you when your ‘First Renewal’ for your subscription will occur.

Subscriptions will renew automatically unless you have cancelled it prior to the date of renewal.


Once you are happy with your cart contents, it’s time to check out by clicking on ‘PROCEED TO CHECKOUT’ button.

On the “Checkout” page, fill in the required information.  Under the “Server Settings” area, you will see two fields related to server setup.

  • First, Server Name. This is what we will use to name your server, and it is also what will be visible/searchable in any game “server list”.  You can always change this at a later date.
  • Second, Server Password. This is used for setting up Private servers, but is also used for a game’s RCON password, if  there is one.

We use Stripe for our payment processing, so complete the necessary credit card information.

Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions, and click on the checkbox to indicate you have read and agree to them.

Click on ‘PLACE ORDER’ to complete the process.

Once we receive notification that your payment has processed, we will begin the server setup process.

Please Note:  The user name and password that is created in our website store as a result of this order is not the same as the username/password you will use to access your Game Control Panel, which is used for server management.

So, I Ordered a Server – Now What?

You will receive two emails from us when your server is setup and ready for you.

  • The first email has a subject line of “Your Control Panel Login.” This email contains your username and password that you will use to log into, our Game Control Panel.
  • The second email will contain game-server-specific information and have the subject line; “New game server for <Your Name>”.

We strongly suggest that you take a few minutes to watch our YouTube video on how to navigate the Game Control Panel.  The link comes bundled in the “Your Control Panel Login” email, but you can also simply click here to watch it.  For more detailed information, see the Getting Started section Wiki site.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Our Refund Policy is located at the bottom of our Terms of Service page.

How Do I Get Support?

The best way to get support for your game server is to log into your Game Control Panel and open a Support Ticket using the Support Ticket option.  Using this method not only helps us keep track of issues but also allows multiple staff members to support/communicate with you.

Remember: We provide support for the game server and not the game or any mods you install.  We are not liable for any issues which may be related to mod installs – including data loss, service instability, and so forth.

We will do our best to help you troubleshoot, but if your issues are related to the game itself or an installed mod, you will need to contact the appropriate developer.

Also take a look at our Wiki site for game specific information as well as other helpful info.

What’s the Difference Between “Vanilla” and “Modded” Servers?

Game servers are not quite plug-n-play.  They take time and work to manage and maintain.  Often, people get a game server and realize they are in way over their head.  So, we recommend that you develop a good knowledge of the game(s) you want to host, and a familiarity with manually configuring the game(s).

That said, game servers are not rocket science either. If you’re new to hosting a server, we can help you learn all you need to know about creating your custom gaming experience.

While your server typically comes with a default setup, the whole point of having your own server is to customize it!  But, you have to be aware of a few things before you start changing your ‘Vanilla’ server.

NOTE: technical support related to mods will be rather limited. The moment mods are installed, we are not held liable for any issues which may be related to the mod install – including data loss, service instability, and so forth. You are given every tool necessary to add and maintain mods.

Modding Your Server

  • You need to remember that both your server-side software and your local PC/laptop software have to be running the same versions of the game, or close enough versions that will allow them to communicate with one another. Some games will not tolerate version differences at all.
  • You may need to accept End User License Agreements (EULA), or get an activation code/key to allow your server to run and be visible on the Internet.
  • If you choose to add Plugins/Mods to your server, be aware that there are literally thousands of them available!
  1. Some Mods are very old, and no longer receive updates. They may not work with the latest version of the game.
  2. If you find a newer version of a Mod you are using, make sure you remove the old version first.
  3. Not every Mod is compatible with every other Mod. Combining mods may cause issues that are hard to isolate.
  4. Some Mods rely on other Mods, but mod documentation may not tell you so (it there is any).
  5. The more Mods you add to your server, the more resources (disk space, cpu, and memory) they use. This can impact server and client performance.
  6. Some games allow you to download Mods from the server to your local PC/laptop. Others require you be “subscribed” to the Mod, or have the Mod installed locally before you connect to the server. If the Mods are large, you may run into issues when downloading them from the server.
  7. Some Mods require additional changes to your server configuration to make them work. Be sure to read the associated documentation before you install the Mod!

Troubleshooting 101

  1. Look at your log files to see if any error messages are showing up. Based on that information, take the necessary steps to fix your problem.
    • Some error messages are simple, like ‘File xyz is missing’ or ‘you need to accept the EULA’.  Others can be more cryptic, at which point the forums for the game or Google are your friend.
  2. If you have made changes to your “Vanilla” server and run into issues with it starting, or you are not able to connect at all, you will need to back out your changes and slowly add the changes back in one at a time. Do this until you find the “guilty” party.
    • This method is often our suggested course of action when you call/email for support.
  3. If all else fails, reinstall the server side software back to its defaults.
    • Make sure you can connect and go forward from there.
    • In some cases this is the best solution, especially if you have deleted a file or folder, or made several changes to the configuration and cannot remember what you changed.
  4. If you need to open a support ticket with either your game hosting provider or the developers of the game, make sure you explain your issue, what changes you have made to your server (configuration and mods) and what troubleshooting steps you have taken.
    • This speeds up the support process greatly.  It provides support with some indication of your comfort and knowledge regarding server management. Furthermore, it allows support to speak in a technical language that you understand, depending on your experience.

What Platforms Do You Support?

Currently we only support PC-based games.

Several developers now support dedicated PC based servers for games that also run on console (Xbox / PS) platforms.  This means that if you have a console, you can play with friends who have that game on PC.

As dedicated console servers become available, we will post more information under their appropriate game titles. Currently, these servers are not available to most private server rental companies. However, once console servers release, we will support them.

How do I cancel my Order/Subscription?

Once you have logged into the website, on the top right you well see Welcome back, <your name>.  Click on <your name>, this will take you to your account dashboard.

In the  menu options, click on the Orders option.  Locate the order you want to cancel, if you have more than one, and click on the ‘VIEW’ button under the Actions column.  Select the appropriate option to cancel your subscription.

If you have a problem, you can submit a Support ticket via the Game Control Panel, mark it ‘Billing Department’ and request your order/subscription be cancelled.

Still Have Questions That Our Game Server FAQ Didn’t Answer?

Send us a message at support.

Thank you for reading our game server FAQ!

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