How to Broadcast on Twitch

trugaming twitch logoNowadays, video games are not meant to be played – or viewed – alone. And with applications like Twitch, it’s easier than ever to share your experiences with friends via a few simple clicks.

Fortunately, broadcasting your games to Twitch from a computer is just as simple as streaming from a phone. Here’s how to broadcast on Twitch with a PC.


Step 1. Check Your Internet Connection and PC.

To broadcast on Twitch from a PC, you’ll first need to make sure your internet connection and PC can support your broadcasting.

The type of PC and internet speed you need generally depends on the game you want to stream. Overall, the higher quality PC and faster internet speeds you can get, the better the stream.

For starters, you need a PC with a minimum of 4GB of RAM and a good quality CPU. As far as the internet goes, aim for upload speeds of 3-5 mb/s for a high-quality stream. 1-2 mb speeds and lower will also get the job done, but it won’t provide you with a top-notch quality stream.


Step 2. Download StreamLabs OBS.

how to broadcast games on twitch

Broadcasting to Twitch from a PC requires a streaming program to do so. We recommend using StreamLabs OBS, a simple and free program. It’s perfect for beginning streamers.

StreamLabs OBS makes it incredibly easy to add essential elements to your stream like notifications, goals, and more. Even experienced streamers are switching to this new platform.

StreamLabs OBS allows you to adjust your settings to get the best possible quality stream from your PC, and includes many other convenient setting options. To get started, head over to and download the free installer.


Step 3. Launch StreamLabs OBS and Adjust Settings.

how to start broadcasting on twitch


Once you launch Stream Labs OBS, if it is your first time using the program, it will prompt you to login to your Twitch account to sync StreamLabs to Twitch.

After logging in, launch the game that you want to broadcast, then select the “+” next to “Sources.” Then, choose”Window Capture” from the list of options, and name your source. Next click “Add New Source.”

In the “Window” option, select your game from the list of available windows. Hit “Done,” and you are ready to stream!

If you’d like, you can add extras like a webcam, overlays, and more via the same “+” method.



Step 4. Start Broadcasting!

how to broadcast on twitch

After adjusting the settings, you are all set to start broadcasting. Simply hit the “Go Live” option in the bottom right of StreamLabs OBS, edit your stream info, and click “Done.” Then, you will be broadcasting live directly to Twitch.


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