How To Stream To Twitch From A Phone

trugaming twitch logoLearning how to stream to Twitch from a phone used to be a somewhat confusing process. That is, until Twitch made things a LOT simpler.

Now, conveniently, the Twitch app itself allows you to stream to your channel directly from your phone’s camera. The times of using complicated third-party apps to livestream your device’s screen are finally over!

Here’s how to stream to Twitch from a phone the easy way:

*please note – this method will soon be changing as the “Pulse” feature is phased out across Twitch. You will still be able to stream from the app!”

  1. Download/update the Twitch mobile app

How To Stream To Twitch From A Phone


You can download the updated Twitch mobile app for iOS on the App Store or for Android on Google Play, or simply update the app if you already have it. Just search for “Twitch” and begin downloading.

  1. Launch the App and Click “Pulse”

stream to twitch from a phone


Once you’ve launched the app, click the “Pulse” option in the center of the bottom navigation bar. Once on the Pulse page, you should see the camera icon on the right side of the “Post an update” bar (as shown below). Click on that icon. If you have previously downloaded the app and do not see this camera icon, try signing out of your account, restarting the app, and resigning back in.


twitch app on your phone

  1. Enable Camera and Microphone

enable twitch to access camera and microphone on your phone


In order for you to be seen and heard on your livestream, you must give Twitch permission to access your camera and microphone. Simply click both of these buttons and follow the subsequent instructions, or go to your phone’s settings and enable them there.

  1. Start Streaming

After accepting the terms and conditions, you are ready to begin your livestream.

Title your stream, select its category (Game, IRL, Creative, Music, Social Eating, Talk Show or other), and click “Start Stream.” We highly recommend that you choose a good title and select a fitting category so that people can discover you and your stream more easily.

After a brief countdown, the app will start streaming to Twitch directly from your phone’s camera. Streaming to Twitch from a phone is now simple, quick, and a lot easier than using a third-party mirroring app.

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