How do I use my phone as a webcam for PC streaming?

We have recently had several people ask about this topic.  After much research, here is what we have found:

  • Yes, it can be done
  • The quality is very questionable
  • It is not a case of simply plug-n-play, you have to do some experimentation/testing

Most of the information on this topic, found on the web, centers around Android phones.

Without being product-specific, here are the things you need to remember/know when doing this:

  1. Connection methods from phone to PC: Wi-Fi or USB
  2. You will need to download an IP Webcam app from the Google Play Store.  USB option may require additional software on your PC.
  3. In your streaming software, you will be adding a new browser source in the form of a URL (IP Address and Port number)


Links Found in Research: