9/4/19 Notice of Possible Service Interruptions: Hurricane Dorian


Apex, NC:

As Hurricane Dorian approaches the TRUgaming office headquarters in Apex, NC, we are issuing a preemptive notice to all TRUgaming customers regarding service outages.

Starting Thursday , September 5th, TRUgaming HQ may experience power outages and other storm-related issues. Although we are equipped with backup generators, we’re unable to anticipate how long potential power outages may persist.

Our main goal is for our customers to keep access to their game servers. To accomplish this, we may bring down access to non-essential features if necessary.


With that said, please be aware that the following services may experience limited or no access during this time period:

  1. TRUgaming.com
  2. TRUstreaming.com
  3. East-coast servers (Apex, NC).
  4. Server control panel (cpanel.trugaming.com)



Austin, TX:


West-coast servers (Austin, TX) likely will not be affected.





TRUgaming staff will be working diligently to respond to service interruptions, but our top priority is safety for our employees during this storm. Please bear with us over the next few days, and rest assured that should you experience server outages, we will restore your service as quickly as possible.

Please refrain from placing support tickets for server outages. We know before you do!

Once the storm has cleared we will send further information. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!