To Mod or Not To Mod?


Modding your game server can be a painful process, but it doesn’t have to be.

Our servers are typically setup in what is referred to as a “Vanilla” state.  This means there is a basic configuration in place to get you playing.  There are no mods/plugins installed.

At TRUgaming, we leave the customization of your server up to you. You get the choice of what mods/plugins to add to your server (or, to leave it as-is).



Why should I add mods/plugins to my server?

  • Administration
  • Improved functionality
  • Additional features
  • Security
  • Statistics/Reporting

Modding 411

  1. If you choose to add Mods/Plugins (going to simplify this to just Mods, from here on in) to your server, be aware that there are literally millions of them available (depending on the game)!
  2. Some Mods are very old, and are no longer updated. They may not work with the version of the game you are running, so don’t add them and then panic when things don’t work!
  3. Certain Mods are not compatible with other Mods. Adding incompatible Mods together can cause your server to break.
  4. Some Mods rely on other Mods. In this case, the order in which they are listed in your server configuration file may be important.
  5. The more Modding you do to your server, the more resources (disk space, cpu, and memory) will be used. This can impact both server and client performance, and load times.
  6. Mods may require additional configuration to either their own configuration files or to your server configuration file(s) before they work.
  7. Some games allow you to add Mods to the server and when you connect to the server, your local PC/laptop will download them from the server or a appropriate repository.
  8. Certain games require you be “subscribed” or to have “paid” for the Mod, and have it installed locally. You will then be able to copy the necessary files to the server so you can use it.

Key Things To Remember

  1. Backup your server (configuration and data) before you install any Mod.
  2. Always read the Modding documentation before installation.. if there is any.
  3. If you install any Mods, and later remove them, there is a good chance that they may leave ‘stuff’ behind, or break things.
  4. If the newest mod you installed broke things…remove it and test again without it.  Make sure it is that mod and not something else that ‘updated’ in the process.  Research the issue(s). Look at the log files, and search the forums.