Announcing Our First Official Overwatch 1v1 Tourney!

Calling all heroes! Next Saturday, July 29th at 3PM EST, we will be kicking off an Overwatch 1v1 tourney with the TRUfam! Sponsored by Power Toothpaste.


Overwatch 1v1 Tourney

If you’re a PC Overwatch player, we would love to have you come out and participate in the tournament.

The format will be a single-elimination bracket with the game type of Overwatch 1v1 Lockout Elimination, best of 5. Up to 32 players can register for this tournament, so if you would like to compete, you’ll need to sign up quickly!

A big thanks to Power Toothpaste for help making this event possible. If you’re looking to jump start your morning routine, check out their unique product via their website.


– Click Here to Sign Up For The Tourney –



We are excited to be offering some unique prizing for this tourney. The prizing will be offered as follows:

1st Place Prize

  • 1 $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • 1 TRUgaming Classic T-shirt*
  • Special 1-Week Discord Role of the name/color of the winner’s choice


2nd Place Prize

  • 1 $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • 1 TRUgaming Classic T-shirt*


3-5th Place Prizes

  • 1 TRUgaming Classic T-shirt*


*Winners of TRUshirts will also get the size and color of their choice. To see options, click here.

Power Toothpaste may also be including product prizes.



The tourney will be shoutcasted live on our Twitch channel starting at 3PM EST on Saturday. We will do our best to shoutcast and spectate every match, depending on the number of participants!

TRU GreenChord and Nic will be shoutcasting this tournament. Click here to see the VOD of our last tourney.



Q: “Will Doomfist be enabled for the tourney?”

A: YES. However, the format is lockout elimination, so each player will only be able to win a max of one game with Doomfist. Still, you better be prepared to go up against the fist!

Q: “How long will the tourney last?”

A: This depends on the number of entrants. In general, we expect this tourney to run between 2-4 hours, based on how long games last.

Q: “How will I know when it’s my turn to play?”

A: Keep track of the stream on Twitch, as well as the official tournament bracket.  We will proceed with games in the order of the bracket, so you should be able to have a rough idea of when it’s your turn to play!

Q: “What maps will we play on?”

A: During this tournament, 4 maps will be in rotation: Ecopoint Antarctica, Necropolis, Black Forest, and Castillo.


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