Looking to kick-start your stream? We’ve got you covered.

Stream Key is a new TRUgaming podcast that’s all about streaming on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and more. Each episode, we’ll go in-depth about the do’s and dont’s of streaming expertise with special stream guests.

Stream Key Podcast Kickoff with Epic Games!

Our first episode kicks off tomorrow (Thursday, June 22) with 2 very special guests:

  • Alexander Paschall  – Community Manager, Epic Games
    • Alex hosts the weekly streams for Epic’s Unreal Engine with Epic developers. He has some amazing experience and lessons for interacting with large audiences whilst representing a massive brand.
    • These developer-focused streams are incredibly informative, and always bring hundreds of curious viewers to watch. We’ll ask Alex how he does it.
  • Devon Hendrickson (“Velokk_TV“) – Sponsored Streamer, TRUgaming
    • Devon just passed his one-year mark as a TRU Sponsored Streamer, and will be a TRUambassador at this year’s TwitchCon.
    • Starting with just 40 followers last year, Velokk has exploded to over 400 viewers during the length of his sponsorship (10x his starting audience!) We’ll find out what has given him so much success.


Our first show topic is “The 5 Types of Viewers You’ll Meet While Streaming.”

It’s all about how to interact with different kinds of viewers in your livestream. We will also be taking viewer questions via our Twitch stream during the show!

The action kicks off tomorrow afternoon around ~2PM EST. Be sure to stop by to ask Devon and Alex your own streaming questions during the podcast!

TRU “Doc” will be hosting the podcast each week, which will be livestreamed to our Twitch channel, and then exported to iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spreaker afterwards.

If you have a streaming-related topic that you’d like us to discuss on the show, send us an email at media@trugaming.com. If we pick your topic, we’ll send you a free t-shirt!

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