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PrinceJames Interview

“That’s my point in life, to bring joy.”

Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Sponsored Streamer Interview!

Join us each week for a discussion with our Sponsored Streamers about their history on Twitch, their advice for new streamers, and more.

This week, Drizz got to chat with PrinceJames, a hilarious Sponsored Streamer who specializes in shooter games on Twitch. Check out his story, advice for other streamers, and the unique ways he rewards subscribers.



PrinceJames Trivia

  • Started steaming: : March 2017 on Facebook, then switched to Twitch in May 2017
  • Favorite game genre: Shooters
  • Favorite game(s): Grand Theft Auto, PUBG and recently Rust
  • System(s): Xbox and PC
  • Platform: Twitch
  • Favorite Streamer(s): Hmmmmmm, this may sound terrible, but my favorite streamer is me. I’ve tried to find a streamer I enjoy watching as much as me, but other big-time streamers always have something that turn me off. I do enjoy watching Ox33, Swordmouse, ZaneKyber, RyutheRed, and CohhCarnage.
  • Age: 26
  • Location: Tennessee
  • Current job: Police Officer for 6 years




Drizz: What made you decide to start streaming?

PrinceJames: Well, I love playing video games anyway, so I was like “I want to do that too.” This was after seeing Stone Mountain on Facebook.

I was like, “I’m funny, I bet I could do that.”


DrizzStone Mountain?

PrinceJames: Stone Mountain64, he’s the top Facebook streamer right now.


Drizz: Oh okay, I didn’t realize people did Twitch style streams on Facebook.

PrinceJames: Yeah, Facebook is trying to compete with YouTube and Twitch. I think Twitch is still the best site for streamers.


Drizz: What do you think has contributed to your success so far?

PrinceJames: To be honest, my community.

The people who come back EVERY stream to support and enjoy my inappropriate conversations and bad sense of humor. Whether it’s 3 or 40 watching, I pretty much recognize everyone who comes back.


Drizz: What do you mean by bad sense of humor?

PrinceJames: : I have a very peculiar sense of humor, so peculiar that people think I’m mental.

NOTHING (well, almost nothing) is off-limits. I just enjoy when I can make someone smile and laugh. That’s my point in life, to bring joy.


Drizz: What are some unique things that you do, in regards to streaming?

PrinceJames: Man, to be honest, I don’t think I do anything unique besides be myself.

I play with my viewers a LOT! I also hand-built a sword, and all my subscribers get their names inscribed on it. My subs get to have a custom-made hat sent to them, or a custom intro song for when they join the stream.

More success and support means more ways I can afford to be more unique!


Drizz: Oh, nice! I really like those ideas. I’ve not heard of a custom intro song for when subs join the stream. That’s definitely unique.

PrinceJames: Thanks!


Drizz: Have you had any hardships with streaming, and if so, how did you work through them?

PrinceJames: Yes, and if someone tells you that they haven’t, then they are lying.

One thing I’ve consistently struggled with is exposure. If I am able to be exposed, I believe my stream can take off in a good direction. One way I’ve been dealing with that is networking and reaching out to my partnered friends for advice, or some help with hosts.

I’ve also became more active on Twitter and stuff, so that helps.


Drizz: I struggle with that myself, so I can definitely understand. Is there anything specific that you do to network?

PrinceJames: Find a streamer who is similar to me, infiltrate their communities, and take over and impregnate their women.

No, but seriously, networking works. Find a stream you like, get to know the streamer, and contribute. It’ll work itself out most of the time.


Drizz: Hah, I see. Do you have any streaming tips or suggestions for the TRU community?

PrinceJames: Don’t advertise every single struggle in life.

I’ve seen this so much in communities where people want sympathy because their dog died or because they lost their job. That’s life. It happens to everybody.

Also, if you get depressed about your numbers, you can do two things. You can quit, or you suck it up and push through it. Nobody can help you if you can’t first help yourself. Network and use Social Media.


Drizz: Those are all really good answers! Last question – is there anything else you would like to discuss about your stream/let readers know about?

PrinceJames: Yes. My stream is worth it! You will have fun and enjoy it if you stop by.

I’m very chat-reactive so if chat’s dead, it’s just me and my buddies talking. So, if you come by, say what’s up and we’ll get to know each other better. Maybe if things work out, I can buy 4 for 4’s from Wendy’s to giveaway.

Speaking of giveaways, when I have one, they are ALWAYS legit. No scams here. I know how people feel about giveaways.


You can follow PrinceJames at the links below!

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Interview conducted by Drizz_TV

Edited by TRU GreenChord

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