Game Servers

Full Control

We don't restrict file system access, so you get complete control over your game server.

24/7 Support

Get round-the-clock support for any surprise issues on your game server.


Play the way you want. Our game servers support every mod available.

Fully Tested

Each game server is tested after creation for 100% satisfaction.

Tired of game servers that break, bad customer service, and lack of help? So were we.

That's why we launched our own game servers division for TRUgaming.

TRUgaming game servers are the most reliable servers on the market, guaranteed. Our game servers are built, maintained, and managed by gamers that know the games you want to play. Ever wanted to try playing ARK with unlimited leveling and resources? So did we. Curious about how hard it is to fight two red dragons at the same time in Conan Exiles? We were too (hint: it's HARD). The point is we PLAY the games we host servers for.

That's pretty rare for a game server rental company! When you hit a snag with your game server, and you need support, you get real help from a gamer who plays the same game you play. Trying to get your CSGO server to be 128 tick? Looking to install FTB DireWolf20? We know what that means! No explanation required. Instead of bashing your head in dealing with clueless support staff, you get REAL help from REAL gamers.

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