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Private Vs Public Server explained here.

Looking for custom CS 1.6 Servers?

We’ve got you covered. TRUgaming CS 1.6 servers are:

  • The most affordable servers on the market
  • Mod friendly, including support for AMX Mod X plugins
  • Equipped with 24/7  support from gamers that play CS 1.6 and know what you need (see Note below)
  • Easy for community members to access
  • Set up in minutes

NOTE: OUR SERVERS ARE BASED ON THE OFFICIAL STEAM LIBRARY RELEASE!!!   Players with the  ‘Classic’ (non-Steam) version will not be able to connect to a TRUgaming server.

And if there’s anything specific you want for your server, just let us know. We’re more than happy to help you with any requests you have.

Need a CS 1.6 Squad to Play With?

You’re in luck! The TRUfam is our passionate community that’s all about gaming, streaming, networking. We span all games and platforms, and also run tournaments and event streams from time to time.

If you need teammates or enemies to practice with, jump into our partnered Discord server and start chatting. There, you’ll find a unique group of gamers that are all about helping each other out!

Also, if you’re into streaming, you can meet a great network of broadcasters to connect with.

What is Counter-Strike 1.6?

Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter game in which players join either the terrorist team, the counter-terrorist team, or become spectators. Each team attempts to complete their mission objective and/or eliminate the opposing team. Each round starts with the two teams spawning simultaneously. All players have only one life by default and start with a pistol as well as a knife.

The objectives vary depending on the type of map, but these are the most common:

  • Bomb defusal: The terrorists carry a bomb, plant it on one of the designated spots, and protect it from being disarmed by the counter-terrorists before it explodes to win. Likewise, the counter-terrorists win if the time runs out with no conclusion.
  • Hostage rescue: The counter-terrorists must rescue a group of hostages held by the terrorists to win. The terrorists win if the time runs out with no conclusion.
  • Assassination: One of the counter-terrorists acts as a VIP and the team must escort this player to a designated spot on the map to win the game. On the other hand, the terrorists win if the VIP is killed or if the time runs out with no conclusion.

Looking for more info about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Check out everything about the game and where to buy it over on Steam. If you want to see gameplay, head on over to the CS 1.6 directory on Twitch.