TRU Cinch Bag



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*NEW* TRU Cinch Bag

Introducing another revolutionary product, the TRU Cinch Bag!

Make carrying your gear a CINCH with this versatile and snazzy accessory.



Ever been at a convention and just had too much free swag to handle? We feel you, that’s our daily struggle.

If you too struggle from TMSS (Too Much Swag Syndrome), the TRU Cinch Bag may be right for you. Ask your doctor if he thinks this bag looks cool, and then also ask why he’s giving bag recommendations. You should probably find a new doctor.



The one-of-a-kind TRU Cinch Bag is blue. That is a fact.

Unless of course, you buy the black version, which is actually black.

That is another fact.

Either way, you just got yourself a killer bag that is a color starting with the letter “B”. Do I even need to say anything else?



Don’t believe us? Just listen to this testimonial from a not-at-all-biased source:

“I absolutely love my TRUlaynard TRU Cinch Bag. It perfectly fits around my neck shoulders and hangs at the right length. Not too low and not too high. Its made out of great durable material. It is my favorite everyday accessory. I can put stuff in it. That is a fact.”