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*NEW* TRU Lanyard

Introducing our game-changing product, the TRU lanyard!

Represent the TRUfam with this lanyard, perfect for conventions and daily life.



Have you SEEN this snazzy piece of string? It OOZES style and class. Turn heads at TwitchCon with the dazzling gleam of this sleek black silky neckgear.

Don’t be surprised if coworkers and lovers start admiring your chic sense of fashion when you show this item off.

Please note: TRUgaming is not responsible for broken marriages and shattered careers resulting from lanyard envy.



Here at TRU, we take the art of key-helicopter-spinning very seriously. Unsatisfied with the lackluster options on the market for our passion, we set out to make the perfect lanyard for enthusiasts everywhere.

Enter the TRU lanyard.

You haven’t lived until you feel what it’s like to swing 900mm of jet black polyester around your head.

Equipped with practically an inch of reinforced width, this revolutionary lanyard features state-of-the-art bulldog clip technology to ensure your keys remain attached at all times. No more accidentally launching your keys at innocent pool children from the lifeguard stand.



Don’t believe us? Just listen to this testimonial from a not-at-all-biased source:

“I absolutely love my TRUlaynard. It perfectly fits around my neck and hangs at the right length. Not too low and not too high. Its made out of great durable material. It is my favorite everyday accessory. I can dress it up or dress it down.”