Sun’s Out, Gun’s Out Tank



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Just in time for the sizzling heat of summer!!!

Introducing our game-changing product, the TRU tank!

Represent the TRUfam with this radical tank, perfect for the beach or your next work meeting.



Have you SEEN this gnarly piece of clothing? It OOZES big hair and bedazzled jeans. Turn heads at the beach with this rad blue tank.

Don’t be surprised if walker-byers, friends and lovers start admiring your wicked sense of fashion when you show this item off.

Please note: TRUgaming is not responsible for broken marriages and shattered careers resulting from tank envy.



Here at TRU, we take the air flow to the pit very seriously. Unsatisfied with the lackluster options on the market for our passion, we set out to make the perfect tank for enthusiasts everywhere.

Enter the TRU tank.

You haven’t lived until you feel what it’s like to rock a neon blue wide armpit tank on your body.

Equipped with pre-laundered material, this psych tank features state-of-the-art jersey material to ensure you stay cool during this hot summer months. No more accidentally showing your pit stains, now your pits get full air flow all day.

So whether you are hitting the gym, spending a day at the lake or beach, or just need a matching undershirt, this righteous jersey tank will meet your needs.



Don’t believe us? Just listen to this testimonial from a not-at-all-biased source:

“Ordering this tank was the most clutch decision I ever made. Everyone at the beach approached me to ask about my schweet tank and where I got it. You’ll for sure look deadly in your tank at the beach like I did! The jersey material is just the most tubular material ever made!”



Shirt graphic design by MelaciousMel

This radical tank is made to order so don’t wig out if it takes a hot minute to get to you.