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Looking for Custom Unturned Servers?

We’ve got you covered. TRUgaming Unturned servers are:

  • The most affordable servers on the market
  • Mod-friendly, including support for skins and map changes (see note below)
  • Equipped with 24/7  support from gamers that play Unturned and know what you need
  • Easy for community members to access
  • Set up in minutes

And if there’s anything specific you want for your server, just let us know. We’re more than happy to help you with any requests you have.


PLEASE NOTE:  RocketMod is NO LONGER being maintained

GitHub Message:

As of today, December 20 2019, Sven resigns as maintainer on all RocketMod repos, setting free all code under the MIT license.
Enes will also lay down his work on RocketMod 5. He just finished the first implementation RocketMod 5.
Seeing no future in Unturned 3, and having our community consisting of mostly members around that game he also resigns as maintainer.

We still have the last release available, but because it is no longer maintained, any updates to the Unturned game may break your server.
If someone does take over the maintenance and updates RocketMod we will update our files accordingly.


What is Unturned?

You’re one of the few not yet turned zombie. Keeping it that way will be a challenge.

  • Go in guns blazing and attract the attention of everything, living and dead.
  • Take a subtle approach sneaking around and making use of distractions.
  • Confront and learn to counter special abilities ranging from invisibility to fire breathing to lightning attacks.


Need a Squad to Play With?

You’re in luck! The TRUfam is our passionate community that’s all about gaming, streaming, networking. We span all games and platforms, and also run tournaments and event streams from time to time.

If you need teammates to practice against (or show off your hats to), jump into our partnered Discord server and start chatting. There, you’ll find a unique group of gamers that are all about