When you order a server you are asked if you want a Public or Private server.
Some game server providers charge extra for Private servers.  At TRUgaming, we do not charge for the difference.


So what is the difference you may ask?

It basically boils down to password enforcement.
Private Servers: when you order a Private server, a password is added to the configuration file or comandline variable so when a user/player connects to your server they are challenged for a password to connect and play.
Public Servers: while the password variable in the configuration file or comandline still exists, they are left blank allowing users/players to connect freely.

As part of the game management monitoring process, each running game server is checked at least every 15 minutes  for certain criteria.  Public/Private password checking is one such check.  If a server is set to Private and the password has been removed, It will stop the server and send out an email.  Public servers can operate with or without a password, so this check does not enforce the rule allowing you to run with or without a password.

If you order a Private server and decide you do not want a password set, simply contact TRUgaming Support and we can make the necessary change.  Once the change is complete, you will need to restart your server for the change process to be complete.

Email Example:

Subject: Private status changed on <your server IP Address>

Hello <customer name>,

The server <IP Address:Port Number> has been changed from Private to Public.

Your server was set to Private with a password being required to access it.
It appears the password has been removed from the configuration file.

Your server has been stopped.  Please investigate.

Best regards,