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“I won’t stop trying.”

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This week, Drizz got to chat with ShadyPyro, a Sponsored Streamer who has recently made a serious push on health/fitness with his channel.


ShadyPyro Trivia

  • Started streaming: 2016
  • Favorite game genre: Strategy/Simulators, Shooters
  • Favorite game: Tetris, Sim City, Civ
  • Systems: PC and Xbox
  • Platforms I stream: Twitch
  • Favorite idol streamer: Pimz
  • Age 34:
  • Current Job: IT Consultant



Drizz_TV: What made you decide to start streaming?

ShadyPyro: My friend Chub, we spoke about it one day while playing Siege and he convinced me to give it a shot.

Drizz: That was a lot shorter than I thought that answer would be! A lot of people give their life stories or have an in-depth reason.

ShadyPyro: Yeah, I’m a spur of the moment kinda guy. When chub told me to check it out, I was live like an hour later.


Drizz: What do you think has contributed to your success so far?

ShadyPyro: I think my success comes down to the community. I care about every single person who stops by. I take the time to say hi and ask how they are doing. I listen to them when they tell me about their day. I enjoy connecting with everyone that comes by, and I feel the ones who stick past the potato aim can see that and that’s why they come back.

Drizz: That’s a good outlook on your viewers. I know a lot of people are in streaming “for the money” but it’s good to see you’re not one of those people.

ShadyPyro: I do okay at work so it’s not something that drives my streams. I’d rather just sit there and talk to everyone about their life and see how they’re doing, see if there is anything I could do to help.  I like to think just being there for them is helpful to them.

Drizz: It’s great that you can be there for your community like that. I feel like that might get harder to do as you grow though.

ShadyPyro: Yeah, I get that, but I won’t stop trying!  I’ve made some great friends and people I do care about from streaming and can’t wait to make some more.


Drizz: What are some unique things that you do, in regards to streaming?

ShadyPyro: Is being bad one? I have potato aim. But all jesting aside, this is probably the hardest thing so far to answer. The unique-ish stuff is coming soon? I’m looking at adding some fitness related stuff to my channel. But it’s still in the works.

Drizz: Nice! I’ve seen some streamers add incentives to bits or subs where they’ll do X number of push-ups or whatever. Is it something like that or did you have other things in mind?

ShadyPyro: Something like that. I’m looking at ordering a power tower (Pull-up, dips, all in one stand kind of thing) as well as a squat rack and bench. So, there may just be segments of working out. During game streams have a wheel for different fitness tasks.

Drizz: That’s a really good idea. You’ll get to move around too. I know that’s one huge thing that is wrong with streaming. Too much inactivity. I’m guilty of it as well but I’m not a marathon streamer so it’s not as bad, I guess.

ShadyPyro: Doing IT, I sit at a desk ALLLLL day so I need to get something to help me move. Also looking at upgrading my desk to one of those sit/stand desks. I found a frame on amazon that my current top would sit on.

Drizz: That’d be something I haven’t seen on stream. standing streams!


Drizz: Have you had any hardships with streaming, and if so, how did you work through them?

ShadyPyro: More so life, but it effects the stream as well. There are just days where I don’t have the motivation. I get depression here and there, and it makes everything rather tough. I have good support at home for it. My girl knows I get like down every once in a blue. I still try to stream when it happens since I do enjoy it, and gaming is my happy place. But there are days I’ll just say nope, I’ll send out a tweet and either Netflix or sleep. When I get like that, it takes a few days to feel normal-ish again.

Drizz: I understand what you mean, there’s definitely days where I feel the same way about streaming.


Drizz: Do you have any streaming tips or suggestions for the TRU community?

ShadyPyro: My first tip is to always drop a line in Streamer101. There are probably a dozen or more people ready to help at the drop of a dime.  My next tip would be to have fun, enjoy the games you are playing, enjoy the people you play with. Make friends, not just a viewer.

Drizz: Stream can definitely tell when you’re not enjoying yourself. That’s pretty great advice.

ShadyPyro: I have that sage wisdom once in a blue moon!


Drizz: Is there anything else you would like to discuss about your stream/let readers know about?

ShadyPyro: 2018 is going to be a great year! Stay safe, stay happy, but most of all stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Drizz: Thanks for your time Shady, it’s been great talking to you!



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Interview conducted by Drizz_TV

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