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“You can’t grow without trying new things.”

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This week, Drizz got to chat with SnoopHogTV, a Sponsored Streamer who is best know for his extreme “Merica” branding and slew of special effects.


SnoopHogTV Trivia

  • Started streaming: Seriously Jan 2018, messing around July 2017
  • Favorite game genre: ARPG (Action RPG)
  • Favorite game: Mass Effect 2
  • Systems you play on: PC / PS4
  • Platforms you stream on: Twitch
  • Favorite streamer: TimTheTatMan
  • Age: 28
  • Location: Connecticut
  • Current Job/Industry: Emergency Dispatcher (Police, Fire, EMS, & 911)



Drizz: What made you decide to start streaming?

SnoopHog: I’ve always enjoyed streaming and have always liked being able to talk to people. I also knew that if I could build a community, it’d be a great way to give back to military service related charities.

Drizz: What kinds of charity streams have you done?

SnoopHog: I’ve done 2 so far. The month of May, I put together a team for and raised just shy of $3,000. More recently, Velokk and I went head to head with teams for Operation Supply Drop for the 4th of July and we were able to raise a combined $750 in 3 days. I’ve also done Mission22 on the TRUgaming channel.

Drizz: That’s pretty awesome. It’s good to give back. Any reason for all military charities?

SnoopHog: I come from a family of public service. My brother served in the Army National Guard, I work 911, my father’s grandfather was law enforcement and my father is in public safety as well. Just always been a supporter of my country and those who have served or still currently serve.

Drizz: Ah okay, that makes sense! I had a relative in the army. It’s good to give back to those willing to protect others.


Drizz: What do you think has contributed to your success so far?

SnoopHog: My community, to be honest. They are amazing. They make it easy to go live on Twitch and push out new awesome things for them! I want them to enjoy every second of being in the community they have built, and I’m thankful and lucky to be able to be a part of it!

Drizz: Always great to have a good community behind you!


Drizz: What are some unique things that you do, in regards to streaming?

SnoopHog: To be honest, I think the way I push my brand towards my community. I like to make each person feel welcome and let them know how free they are in my stream. I do so with red, white, and blue flashing lights, and a little reverb to let them know just how free they are.

Drizz: Your stream is very patriotic, that’s for sure. What made you decide to make America the main theme of your stream?

SnoopHog: All falls into the reason I started streaming. I love my country and those who serve it, so I decided I’d rep that as hard as possible every time I went live, and be able to do it in a fun and welcoming way even for my honorary patriots from other countries.


Drizz: Have you had any hardships with streaming, and if so, how did you work through them?

SnoopHog: I’ve had clashes with my stream schedule and my work schedule, and I had to find a way to balance the two especially with a rotating day off schedule. I made it a point to tell my community and be very upfront with my community about it. I don’t know if that qualifies as a hardship, but it was definitely the biggest obstacle for me.

Drizz: Is there anything specific that you find helps with that? I know a lot of people utilize Twitter or Discord for keeping in touch with everyone, but anything past that?

SnoopHog: Social media for sure, but I remind my stream here and there that I could possibly get ordered at work or have to move things around. I promise and make sure I follow through with giving as much notice as possible.

Drizz: With your job, I could see it being especially disruptive too. They always have to have someone available.

SnoopHog: Yeah, it’s a 24/7/365 operation. If there is an emergency or they are short staffed, I don’t have the choice to just leave.

Drizz: It’s good to see that you’re still able to maintain a community even with that challenge!

SnoopHog:  They really are the best around. I say it to them all the time and I’m sure they’re sick of hearing it. I’m just some fat guy behind a camera, they make it all happen.


Drizz: Do you have any streaming tips or suggestions for the TRU community?

SnoopHog: Consistency is key, keep a schedule and always be pushing content. Be sure to try new things and see how they perform, if it works great, if not then move on. You can’t grow doing the same thing over and over without trying new things.

Drizz: Variety and change are very important in life in general. Sticking with something that works is good too. It just depends on how you go about it.



Drizz: Is there anything else you would like to discuss about your stream/let readers know about?

SnoopHog: Always be engaging and never give up. I spent the first 2 months of streaming with myself and a bot doing self-dialog! Make sure you know your goals and try to have fun while you shoot for them!

Drizz: Good advice! Thank you for taking time to talk to me!

SnoopHog: Thanks, it was a lot of fun!


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Interview conducted by Drizz_TV

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