“Your viewers want to be there for YOU, so show them what YOU have to offer.”


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This week, Drizz got to chat with DanTheDapper, a veteran Sponsored Streamer  who is known for playing RPG games on console. Find out how his channel has changed over the years!



DanTheDapper Trivia

  • Started streaming: May 24, 2016
  • Favorite game genre: Definitely open-world RPG
  • Favorite game(s): All-time favorite game is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for the original Xbox
  • System(s): I play primarily on Xbox One X, but also find time to play Playstation 4 and my Nintendo Switch!
  • Platform: I stream solely on Twitch.
  • Favorite Streamer(s): Elajjaz, he is an inspiration to and an all-around swell dude.
  • Age: 25, 26 this June!
  • Location: Northern Michigan
  • Current job: Receiving at a home-improvement store, three days a week. Twitch is my full-time career



Drizz: What got you into streaming?

DanTheDapper: I started streaming thanks to another streamer, Velokk_TV, who is a personal friend of mine for a long time!

He said I would love it and after convincing me I finally tried it.

He was right.


Drizz: GreenChord interviewed you a year or so ago, what do you think has changed the most about your Twitch experience since then?

DanTheDapper: I used to not know what was around the corner, always clinging to the results of the last stream. Now my time on my channel is so filled with personal experiences with my viewers — my friends — that “results” and “goals” turned into bonds and experiences.

Drizz: Having been in your chat when you stream, I can attest to the great bond you and your community has. I’m glad you have that kind of community!


Drizz: What do you think has contributed to your growth and success?

DanTheDapper: The growth I got came from making strong friendships with my viewers. It’s so different cultivating a community from a channel of friends that genuinely share the same want. My viewers are just as much friends with each other as they are me.

Drizz: I can understand how that would develop a close-knit community. How do you keep new people from feeling left out?

DanTheDapper: It’s not so much what I do, it’s what my regulars and my mods do. Granted, I treat them with just as much respect when they come through the virtual door as I would a regular viewer, but my community makes sure all new friends are shown that they are welcome and appreciated.

Drizz: It’s good that you have such a helpful and responsible mod team then. Is there anything specific you look for when selecting a mod, or do you just go with long time regulars?

DanTheDapper: Without a doubt, moderation is something that you have to choose carefully. I think more than just the ability to spank the trolls when necessary, you have to find people who understand your wants without you having to say it. As a streamer, you’re busy entertaining. Like-minded people make the best mods.

That being said, I love trolls and my mods have a way of understanding the good trolls from the bad trolls — this is a prime example of being like-minded.

Drizz: That’s a really good method of selecting mods, and it makes sense. Your mods represent you after all. I’ve seen channels where a toxic mod will drive off new followers.


Drizz: To those in the community that don’t know you already, what are some unique or interesting things that you do when streaming?

DanTheDapper: Being a RPG variety content creator, I usually do first-time playthroughs of new games as they release. I’ve also gotten in the habit of trophy/gamerscore hunting the games I stream. Mostly, I just make fun of myself a lot and interact with my chat as much as humanly possible.

Drizz: What game(s) are you currently working on?

DanTheDapper: I just finished the Kingdom Hearts PS4 platinum trophy! I have Sea of Thieves coming up too. I perpetually play Stardew on Sundays for a laxer broadcast.

Drizz: Pretty good games, seems like Kingdom Hearts has been pretty popular this year with KH3 coming out soon. I can get behind the chill weekend streams too.


Drizz: Do you have any streaming tips or suggestions for the TRU community?

DanTheDapper: Comparing yourself to others is hard to avoid on Twitch, from your inspirations to your peers, especially being part of a streaming community so bolstering as TRUgaming. Make sure at the end of the day you craft your own brand, make the stream something you truly believe in. Your viewers want to be there for YOU, so show them what YOU have to offer.

Drizz: You are full of gold nuggets of wisdom! That’s pretty great advice though. If you aren’t yourself while streaming, what’s the point?


Drizz: Last question: Is there anything else you would like to discuss about your stream/let readers know about?

DanTheDapper: This is a TRU interview so you probably either know about TRU or are already a part of it, but if you aren’t you need to be.

TRUgaming has allowed me to be who I am on Twitch. They’ve supported me, stood by me, and have made some of the coolest friends I’ll ever have.

Drizz: Well said! Thank you for your time today!



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Interview conducted by Drizz_TV

Edited by TRU GreenChord
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