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PureKaos Interview

We’re kicking off a new weekly interview series with the help of Drizz_TV!

Join us each week for a discussion with our Sponsored Streamers about their history on Twitch, their advice for new streamers, and more.

This week, Drizz got to chat with PureKaos, a Creative Sponsored Streamer who specializes in handmade crafting on Twitch. Check out her unique history, interests, and advice for new streamers!



PureKaos26 Trivia

  • Started steaming: 4/1/16
  • Favorite game genre: Sandbox/Survival
  • Favorite game(s): Minecraft, Banished
  • System(s): PC
  • Platform: Twitch
  • Favorite Streamer(s): uhhhhh…if I have to pick one, Drizz_TV (otherwise CalebHart42 and DoctorSwellman)*
  • Age: 34 (for 14 more days)
  • Current job: Twitch Streamer/Artisan/Student

*Answer not influenced by interviewer




Drizz: What made you decide to start streaming?

PureKaos: Jeff (my husband) and I had been watching streams, and we both thought it looked fun. I had the time, so I decided to give it a shot one day.

Once I started streaming creative and not playing WoW or Minecraft, things just kind of took off and I kept with it.


Drizz: What do you think has contributed to your success so far?

PureKaos: Networking, definitely. Having fun with what I do helps a lot.

Also,  having a relatively unique stream. Creative and perler streams aren’t really as common as they used to be.


Drizz: What are some unique things that you do, in regards to streaming?

PureKaos: I think being able to offer people completely custom perlers is pretty unique. Not a lot of perler artists are willing to/have the ability to create patterns from scratch.

The paint-with-diamonds streams are pretty unique, too. Not a lot of people do them right now.


Drizz: Can you explain what perlers and paints-with-diamonds are?

PureKaos: Perlers are basically plastic beads that you arrange into various patterns and fuse together with heat (an iron).

Paint-with-diamonds is essentially paint with numbers but using crystals instead of paints.


Drizz: Have you had any hardships with streaming, and if so, how did you work through them?

PureKaos: I’ve had a hard time finding a good balance between doing what I enjoy, and what gets me viewers and chatters.

I’m still struggling a little, but consistency and doing what makes you as a streamer happy makes the viewers and chatters happen.


Drizz: Do you have any streaming tips or suggestions for the TRUgaming community?

PureKaos: As cheesy as it sounds, the best things I can suggest are don’t focus on numbers, have fun, and be consistent!!


Drizz: Is there anything else you would like to discuss about your stream/let readers know about?

PureKaos: Commissions are open :Kappa:

Honestly, though, not really. I’m just looking forward to coming back after this long ass mental health break!


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Interview conducted by Drizz_TV

Edited by TRU GreenChord

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