Games previously on Steam now available on the Epic Game Store.

Recently,  Ark and Killing Floor 2 were made available on the Epic Game Store (EGS), in addition to their existing distributions outlets.

There are a few things to note about these new ‘distributions’:

  • Be careful about release note terms:
    • Cross-Platform:  Most people would assume this refers to PC’s and consoles.  But it is defined as Steam and EGS on PC… BIG difference.
    • Cross-play: The release notes also mix the term Cross-play, in one sentence is referring to Steam-EGS in another PC-ConsoleCONFUSING!!
  • If you are running a server (referring to a TRUgaming hosted Steam distributed servers, or others), you CANNOT have any mods on the server.  Mod support has been promised but no date for it’s release has been posted.
  •  In order to support EGS players, the servers may require additional configuration settings.  Make sure you check out our related Wiki page(s) for more information so that you can support your ‘new player base’.


Looking through the various related forums, it appears the games still have issues.  Such as servers not showing in server lists, crashing, just to name a few.   There are a lot of  game (PC & server) updates and/or hotfixes being released.  If you have an issue, check the forums below to see if there is an update and then do the Steam Update on your server.  Hopefully this will resolve the issue.


Ark:   ARK Forums

Killing Floor 2: Killing Floor 2 Forums