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With recent updates to the TCAdmin Game Control Panel, there is now a new Steam Workshop option.

In a nutshell, this will,  for certain games and for games where we have it enabled, allow you One-Click installation/uninstallation of Steam Workshop mods.

Using the Steam Workshop Option

On your Game Control Panel, Service Information tab, you will see an Updated Steam icon set.

and in some cases,

When you click on the Steam Workshop icon, the Game Control Panel will populate a list of available workshop mods associated with your selected game.

Important Notes:

The Steam Workshop option can NOT detect any mods you have already installed manually or mod installed by the game itself (in certain circumstances).

  • Depending on the game, if you already have the mod installed you will get an error message: “Error – Mod and/or folder already exists.  Installation Failed”.


The installation process does NOT take care of any additional configuration that the mod may require.  You still have to do this manually.


If you have used this option to Install a mod on your server, you can use the Steam Workshop option to Uninstall that mod.

  • There are limits to what the process does, it is not perfect.  This is in part due to the way the mods are created (they are not just single files).
  • If you have made any additional customization to your server because of the mod, the Steam Workshop option does NOT detect them and cannot account for them.


Should an Installed mod be updated in the Steam Workshop, there is a ‘Update Content‘ feature which will allow you to update the mod on your server.

  • Currently this Update process usually consists of Uninstalling the mod and then Installing the ‘updated’ version from the workshop.
  • Again, there are limits to what the process does – it is not perfect.  If you have an issue, send us a support ticket!


For a listing of games with this feature available, look for the Steam Workshop heading on the games Wiki page.  

  • Detailed step-by-step instructions for using this feature will be provided.
  • Any limitations and special instructions will also be noted.

This process is SERVER SIDE only, it will NOT install or update CLIENT SIDE mods.

You CANNOT use this for NON Steam Workshop mods.

More Info

If you’d like more detailed instructions on how to use the Steam Workshop, please check out our comprehensive Wiki guide.

As always, TRUgaming support is available to assist you with your game server. Since Workshop is a new feature to TCadmin, we ask that you please be patient with us in assisting you.

The feature may be prone to bugs – if you have issues, we encourage you to submit a support ticket.

Happy modding!