About Det0xgaming

Det0x Gaming has been around for going on 11 years this summer. We are a large streaming community streaming multiple different games! We stream a wide variety of games including PUBG, League of Legends, Overwatch and everything inbetween. We have a good following on our Twitter of 5000+ and Discord of 175+ and growing. Our Twitch channel is 7000+ strong and have a great turnout when we stream. On average our stream team of 5, broadcasts on average 5 days a week, mostly during the evening and occasionally during the day. We are all about keeping our community and fans engaged and having a great time while doing it! For Det0x our goal is about the quality of game play and the enjoying the company of other skilled gamers as well as having a strong bond with our community. We aim to provide a healthy environment to encourage new gamers to expand their skill sets and find that same sense of competition and fun we so much enjoy.

Live Stream