About Dirty_german

John “dirty_german” Richmond is a unique name and the stream is no different. DG has been playing computer games for over 16 years and has played at some of the top competitive levels back in his heydays. He was most know through Call of Duty 2 and again through the beginning of COD4. He is a hardcore gamer for anything FPS, but you can find him playing other games that he deems enjoyable. DG disappeared from the spot light in 2009-2015 to serve in the United States Marine Corps. This fact is important to know because his content is pretty American (THE BEST) and his humor is pretty dark (HE CAN BE MEAN). If you go to his channel and say “Hi” give it a few moments he’s most likely in the zone (RIGHT INTO THE DANGER ZONE). He streams pretty erratically so if you see him on, treat it like a rainbow and go find that pot of gold.

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