Meet Dreamtrip!

Hey guys and gals, I’m Dreamtrip, but my regulars most of the time call me Dream.

I’m a streamer that likes to dip into all kinds of things, but I will always stream the game that got me where I am now: Football Manager. At the moment I have 3 games I play on a regular basis: Football Manager, Euro Truck Simulator 2, and PUBG. I’m not the greatest, but I can stand my own in either game. I love to take on a challenge in FM by picking lower league teams and turn them into powerhouses. Likewise┬áin ETS2, I love to get my viewers involved and do convoys throughout Europe. PUBG is the game I like to unwind with and shoot all the frustration FM brings with it away.

I’d love to welcome you guys into the stream and have a chat!


Watch Livestream:


  • Mon-Fri from around 2-4pm GMT till approx 11pm GMT


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